Pat Hayes

Pat Hayes

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 14:01

Peace on Earth and the Politics of Christmas

Santa at mangerFor the last several years, Bob and I have attended a session on theme of Christmas and the politics in the Christmas story. We come to escape the more prominent Christmas messages in our culture to try to go back in time and reread the scriptures of Luke and Matthew through the lens of that time. So on the link below, I share with you some of what is discussed in our gathering. The gathering is always lively, mainly attended by young people living in small faith communities in Philadelphia and serving as urban missionaries. The politics of Christmas is as relevant now as it was over 2000 years ago.



The Philadelphia Maryknoll Affiliates gathered in September and October to complete the Experimental Model Evaluation using Appreciative Inquiry.

At the September gathering, we reflected on a passage from Mt 25:1-2, about the wedding attendants. Using a book written by Miriam Therese Winter (published by Orbis) titled eucharist with a small "e", we were introduced to a new way to interpret this story, looking at it from the perspective of how two-thirds of the world would approach it from their experience. According to the author, an "alternative understanding of this story is based on a literal reading of the text, which in itself is ironic...From a justice orientation, the foolish are wise and the wise foolishly follow the ways of the world right up to the very end, eating and drinking and making merry while the poor are kept outside. If this were the heavenly banquet, Jesus would never have barred the door, for whoever returns to him, is always-always-welcome".

Monday, 14 February 2011 15:56

What the Philadelphia Chapter has been doing

The Philadelphia Area Maryknoll Affiliates gathered in January at St. Malachy’s Rectory. We gathered with a prayer provided and lead by Mary Massaro and then we spent some time remembering Anne Weir who made her journey to God shortly after Christmas. Tom and Anne Weir were part of our group from the beginning and we all had many stories to recall their time with us.

I found this article interesting and I am passing it on to you.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 05:00

The Global Water Crisis: Conflict and Cooperation

This past week, I attended a conference jointly sponsored by Villanova University and Catholic Relief Services as part of their formal partnership. The conference was called The Global Water Crisis: Conflict and Cooperation. The presenters were Environmentalists, Civil Engineers Health Specialists, Economists, Sanitation and Water Resource Experts, Lawyers and Peacebuilders… all from the University, CRS and private industry. Within the Villanova University, it was Co-Sponsored by the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Schools of Business and Law, the Office of Mission and Ministry, the Center for Peace and Justice Education and the Honors Program, the Department of Geography and the Environment.

One of the presenters from CRS was Thomas Bamat, Ph.D. Senior Technical Advisor, Justice and Peacebuilding. Prior to coming to CRS, he said had been with Maryknoll for 20 years.

Northeast Maryknoll Affiliate Gathering: October 9, 2010, Maryknoll Society Center

At registration
Pat Hayes, Paul Witte and Millie Hirschle at registration table

The Northeast Regional Maryknoll Affiliate Gathering brought together sixty one people, both Maryknoll Affiliates and other members of the Maryknoll family, for a day of reflection, listening, learning and conversation around the theme of Seeking the Way to Comprehensive Immigration Reform:  What Would Jesus Do? The gathering day was planned by the Philadelphia Area Maryknoll Affiliates. This theme was selected because it is timely and many undocumented immigrants are suffering in the shadows in our communities while the national debate is becoming more political and divisive. It also was meant to help answer the need by many to have a way to engage in a civil conversation with those who have differing opinions on the issue of immigration.

Fifty Maryknoll Affiliates from the Northeast Region gathered for a day of prayer, business and sharing at the Maryknoll Society Center, Maryknoll, New York.  Every Chapter in the region was represented.  (See representation by Chapters below)



            New Jersey-5

            New York-Long Island-3

            New York Subway-10

            New York-Westchester/Goshen-10


            One without a home Chapter

  • Gathering Prayer 

            Ellen Giesow and Joan Cruz from the Long Island Chapter led us in an opening prayer service with the beach and sea as a theme.  We remembered Paul D’Arcy (NY Subway Chapter) and Al Schiavone, MM (NY Long Island Chapter) who both passed this year.  We also prayed for John Walsh, MM (NY Long Island Chapter) who is recuperating from surgery at St. Teresa’s.

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