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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 16:01

Not So Far Afield for September/October 2013

The September/October 2013 Not So Far Afield is now available at


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Saturday, 15 June 2013 06:11

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Saturday, 15 June 2013 06:10

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Sunday, 15 July 2012 19:21

How to Start a Chapter

A Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter or Mission Community is the “identifying community locus for a Maryknoll Affiliate.” The Chapter/Mission Community is the primary support for individual Maryknoll Affiliates as they seek to incorporate the spirit of mission and the charism of Maryknoll in their own lives. Below are some answers to some questions about starting a new Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter/Mission Community. You may also download materials from our Chapter Starter Packet here.

How do I begin a Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter?

Initial Inquiry: Initial inquiries can come from both individuals or a group or people interested in beginning a new Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter. If you have received this packet, then you have already begun the initial inquiry phase.

During this initial phase, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Provide us with a list of people (their names and contact information) who will be involved in starting the Chapter.
  2. Have an initial meeting (or meetings) to discuss the next steps and to respond to some of our questions/requests (see the paper entitled "Your First Meeting."
  3. Choose a Contact Person who will be the primary contact between the Chapter and the Regional Coordinator, Executive Coordinator and the Formation Committee.

This period is also a time during which the ones beginning the Chapter may contact other people that may be interested. These may be acquaintances or names of people provided by the Executive Coordinator, if there are any previous inquiries from the area.

There is no fixed time for the initial inquiry period. The number of times a group needs to meet before entering the Formation Phase is primarily up to them. If you would like the Regional Coordinator or some other representative to visit you during the Initial Inquiry period to answer questions or help move into the next phase please let us know.

Is there a formation program?

Yes. The Formation/Renewal program is a twelve-session process developed by the Maryknoll Affiliate Formation/Renewal Committee. The process is primarily self-guided, though someone from the Maryknoll Affiliates or Maryknoll would join you at the opening and closing retreat.

Formation is a term usually used for people entering a religious community. For us, we assume that all those who desire to be Maryknoll Affiliates have already had formation in their life, whether this be through some formal process in another organization, school or religious institution or through their life experiences. The goal of formation within the Maryknoll Affiliates, then, is to help those wishing to be Maryknoll Affiliates to integrate what it means to be affiliated with Maryknoll and involved in mission within their own life experiences. You are asking to be part of a community with a unique spirituality and charism. Formation should help you understand how this can be lived out in you own life.

During the Formation Period, all participants will begin to receive our bi-monthly newsletter, Not So Far Afield. The group is listed as a potential Chapter, and the individuals and Chapter are welcome to participate in Maryknoll Affiliate activities, such as regional or the general conferences.

What are the requirements for beginning a Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter

The following are the minimum prerequisites to be considered a functioning Affiliate Chapter:

  • Consists of four or more people.
  • Holds a minimum of three meetings a year.
  • Sustains a working internal organization.
  • Has a Contact Person who relates with the Regional Coordinator, Executive Coordinator and the Maryknoll Affiliate Board.

In addition, a functioning Affiliate Chapter must have an understanding of and commitment to the four pillars of the Affiliate Movement—Community, Spirituality, Global Vision and Action—and to the spirit and charism of Maryknoll.

What is the "Discernment Period"?

Discernment actually begins with the Initial Inquiry phase. It is a mutual process in which you, as a group and as individuals, reflect upon what it would mean to be a Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter. Along the way, it may feel like the correct path for some. Others may decide that they want to live out their call to mission in some other way. We see ourselves helping you determine if this is what you would like to do as a group and as individuals, but if the Spirit seems to be guiding you in another direction, we want to be able to help you to move that way, as well.

When is the would we become a recognized Chapter?

At the end of the formation period, the potential Chapter expresses its desire to be an Affiliate Chapter in a written request. This may happen just prior to the last session of the Formation Phase so that the closing retreat may be a time to formalize the Chapter and for individuals so sign the covenant.

Once the Chapter has been officially recognized, the Maryknoll Affiliate Board will send a welcome letter to the new Chapter. The Regional Coordinator and Executive Coordinator will provide them with a New Chapter Packet, including welcome packets to the individuals. The new Chapter would then be fully recognized and considered an active Chapter among the Maryknoll Affiliates.{accordionfaq faqid=accordion1 faqclass="graybarfaq arrow headerbackground headerborder contentbackground contentborder round5" autoheight=0 active=item1}

Sunday, 15 July 2012 12:04

Maryknoll Affiliate Chapters


Albany United States New York Northeast
Albuquerque United States New Mexico Great Plains/South West
Arequipa Centro Peru Arequipa Peru
Arequipa Cerro Colorado Peru Arequipa Peru
Arequipa Tahuaycaní Peru Arequipa Peru
Boerne United States Texas South Central
Buen Vivir, Mexico Mexico Oaxaca Mesoamerica
Carolina United States Puerto Rico Mesoamerica
Chicago Central United States Illinois Midwest
Chicago North United States Illinois Midwest
Chicago West United States Illinois Midwest
Cincinnati United States Ohio Midwest
Baguio City Philippines Benguet Philippines
Columbia United States Missouri Midwest
Comunidad Misionera de Santa María/Wilmington United States North Carolina Southeast
California Central Coast United States California California
Davao City Philippines n/a Philippines
Denver United States Colorado Great Plains/South West
East Bay United States California California
El Salvador El Salvador n/a Mesoamerica
Father Price/Wilmington United States North Carolina Southeast
Fox Cities United States Wisconsin Midwest
Goshen United States New York Northeast
Greater Boston/New England United States Massachusetts Northeast
Greater Los Angeles United States California California
Greater Milwaukee United States Wisconsin Midwest
Guatemala Guatemala n/a Mesoamerica
Hawaii United States Hawaii n/a
Holland/Southwest Michigan United States Michigan Midwest
Houston United States Texas South Central
Indiana/Illinois/Kentucky Tri-state United States Indiana Midwest
Las Vegas United States Nevada Great Plains/South West
Lima Peru n/a Peru
Long Island United States New York Northeast
Los Altos United States California California
Manila Philippines n/a Philippines
Mérida Mexico n/a Mesoamerica
Missoula United States Montana Northwest
Mwanza Tanzania n/a Tanzania
New Jersey United States New Jersey Northeast
New Orleans/Gulf South United States Louisiana South Central
New York City Subway United States New York Northeast
North Bay United States California California
North Texas United States Texas South Central
Northeast Florida United States Florida Southeast
Philadelphia United States Pennsylvania Northeast
Phoenix United States Arizona Great Plains/South West
Portland United States Oregon Northwest
Puno Sur Peru n/a Peru
Red Bank United States New Jersey Northeast
Reno United States Nevada Northwest
Sacramento United States California California
Saint Louis United States Missouri Midwest
San Diego United States California California
Seattle United States Washington Northwest
Twin Cities United States Minnesota Midwest
Walla Walla United States Washington Northwest
Washington DC United States District of Columbia Southeast
Westchester United States New York Northeast
Friday, 18 May 2012 14:35

Len Carey

Len CareyWe are saddened by the news that Maryknoll Affiliate Len Carey (Northeast Florida) passed away the evening of May 16.

Len was the Chapter Contact Person for Notheast Florida.

Please keep his wife, Florence, thier family and the Maryknoll Affiliates in Northeast Florida in your prayer.

You may read his obituary and leave a message for Florence and their family here.

On April 15, Red Bank Catholic High School was among the honorees at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. They were one of five high schools to received the 2012 Charity & Social Service Honors Award. You can already see pictured on the Maryknoll Affiliate Youth Facebook page. Check back here for other news on the event.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 14:41

AFSC PowerPoint on NATO/G8

PowerPoint CoverAt their recent meeting, the Chicago Central Chapter held a discussion regarding how they will be involved in the actions around the upcoming NATO and G8 meetings in the United States this May. While the G8 meeting was moved from Chicago to Camp David, the NATO meeting will still be in Chicago. To that end, the Chicago Central Chapter is looking at ways to educate people around the issues.

Kirstin De Mello shared with the Chapter that "American Friends Service Committee has put together a powerpoint on NATO/G8--who are they, what are their interests, what does it mean to us, what can we do, etc. This powerpoint can be used by anyone. It has notes that go along with each slide, so it's pretty straightforward. If you move through it with little discussion it takes about 35 minutes."

Kirstin shared, "I was part of team that presented it to Earlham College students. We interwove the powerpoint with small and large group discussions and we took 2 and a half hours. We could have even used more time with all of the good questions arising from the students."

They hope to post another PowerPoint that is shorter and geared towards high school students. So keep going back to the link below in the next week or so to look for other resources.

Knights of Peter Claver Banner

Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, Court 179 announces Renate Schneider (Maryknoll Affiliate - Chicago Central living and working in Haiti) will be one of the recipients of The Sister Thea Bowman Humanitarian Legacy Award to be bestowed on Saturday, March 31, 2012, Lexington House, 7717 West 95th Street, Hickory Hills, Illinois, 12 noon – 4:00 p.m.

Renate SchneiderThis award was established nineteen years ago to honor the memory of Sister Thea Bowman, whose legacy is one of commitment to excellence and selfless service to those in need. Her radiant vision, impenetrable values and inspiring vigor—even at the door of death—are the legacy she bequeathed. Therefore, this award is bestowed upon women whose lives exemplify putting others before self and service to all mankind. Renate Schneider epitomizes the mission of this award.

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