Alice Murray

Alice Murray

All of the responses received from our Midwest Affiliate Chapters agreed that Tom McGuire be a co-coordinator of our Region. Thank you to all the chapters which responded. Since the requested deadline of September 30 is quite passed, and no further responses have come in, we are declaring that the Midwest Region will be co-coordinated by Alice Murray and Tom McGuire.

Tom and Alice will divide up the responsibilities, and communicate with each other on all of these responsibilities. Chapters feel free to contact us re: any topics.

Both Tom and Alice want the Midwest Region to be your region. We will always be available to listen, support, and do what we can to bring about what you want to happen.

Blessings on us and all.

Tom McGuire and Alice Murray

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 17:20

Maryknoll Centennial Symposium

An attempt to summarize the Maryknoll centennial symposium, Church in Mission: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
October 6 – 8, 2011
Catholic Theological Union
Chicago, Illinois

The 2-day centennial symposium on "The Church in Mission: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" explored the development/revelation of the gift of mission in Maryknoll's history. It's secondary but no less important purpose, according to the Symposium brochure, was the discovery of the gift of mission in one's own life journey.

The Symposium was held from Thursday to Saturday, October 6 – 8, 2011 at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Attended by about 200 people, Sisters, priests, brothers, lay missioners, Maryknollers and others, including faculty and students of the Catholic Theological Union, which hosted the gathering.

This report necessarily covers only the plenary sessions; much more information and discussion took place in the break-out sessions. Here are only a few threads of the many riches provided in the presentations.

Sunday, 25 September 2011 15:00

New Midwest Co-coordinator arrangement

In 2009 an election for Regional Coordinator in the Midwest Region, brought Alice Murray and Liz Labron to the positions of Co-coordinators of the region. With Liz's studies and Alice's studies and plans to move from her present house, the co-coordinator plan didn't work well. Sometime ago Alice sent you a request for nominees for Midwest coordinator, so we could have a new election. One name was given, but the person declined the nomination; Alice was not successful in surfacing nominees by calling various people in the region. P. Thomas McGuire, however, was willing to share part-time coordination with another person, and Alice agreed to stay on in an arrangement which would modify and lighten the duties of Regional co-coordinator for her.

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