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Friday, 21 January 2011 20:06

Maryknoll Affiliate Mtg on Centennial

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Thank you to everyone who was able to make the meeting this past Sunday, and woe to you who missed it because we signed you up for everything. (Just kidding!) Thank you, Greg, for walking us through the MK Fathers and Brothers' Centennial celebration, which can also be found on the Internet. There are two events next year in which the MK Frs are hoping for significant Affiliate involvement--the CTU Mission Symposium from Oct 6-8 and the National Catholic Youth Conference from Nov 17-19 in Indianapolis. We had a good discussion about how we can participate in both. The CTU event will require help with issues of hospitality and session monitoring. Shouldn't be hard and we can sign up to monitor sessions that interest us.

The NCYC conference in November will require more input and planning on our part, but can really be fun and we have plenty of time to plan. We are certainly blessed with the Kluegs who have attended these conferences and have wonderful ideas!

We also talked about our own local events, including a Maryknoll Family Reunion in July and activities with the Chinese students at CTU or elsewhere. Thank you, Brother Joe, for the heads-up regarding the Chinese students busy schedule around Chinese New Year. At one point we talked about having a Super Bowl party, but that is the Sunday after Chinese New Year, and there may be some activities on that day as well. (There is a parade in Chinatown.) I am open to hosting an event in the Casa Woznica later in the month.

So, at this point, I am thinking we need to do some organizing. The next meeting is scheduled for Feb 27, but Greg Darr cannot be there and Renate will already be in Haiti. (Safe travel, Renate!) Let's focus on three activities right now: the outreach to the Chinese students, the CTU coordination, and the NCYC. Tom and Florence, would you mind taking the lead with the Chinese students? Greg, I would be happy to be the coordinator of the Affiliate portion of the CTU event. What about the NCYC? Anyone interested in being on this team? (I'd help, but don't want to coordinate.)

We also have the Holy Name Cathedral event on October 22-23, but we can talk about that later.

I am also wondering if we can take this opportunity to do some studying of Maryknoll history during our meetings this year. Otherwise, we will be all business. Maybe a study of its early history in China? Regional histories? Writings? The first thing we can do is see if there are some videos we can watch. We don't want to make this burdensome. If all agree to this suggestion, could someone offer to coordinate?

One final note. I will be gone the last Sunday in March as I will be in Haiti working with Renate. Can someone offer to coordinate that meeting. or would we consider a meeting in early April instead and cancel our regularly scheduled April meeting which would fall on Easter Sunday?


Okay,we talked about something else, and then decided maybe we could meld that activity into a local celebration of the Maryknoll Sisters' Centennial the next year--but I can't remember what it was. Anyone remember?

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