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Wednesday, 18 August 2010 12:15

A God Moment Supreme

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This God Moment is a much deeper one. Deeper in the explanation and in the actual getting there----the “there” where it leads……..

On our last day in Ngoswani our departing team was gifted with a special cloth that was tied around our shoulders by a Maasai woman. On the cloth was imprinted a picture of Jesus showing us His Sacred Heart. The Maasai words written beneath it read thus.


WOW! A God Moment like no other.

Many of the Maasai people are seriously ill. They are HIV+, have malaria , and some have active AIDS. Most have aches and pains from the activities of their daily living, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling heavy objects and animals. The concerns of raising children with little food and a scarcity of water weigh heavily on them. It made my heart so happy to realize that they knew where to go for comfort.

My Random House Dictionary has a beautiful explanation of the word.


“To comfort is to lesson the sadness or sorrow of someone
and to strengthen by inspiring with hope and restoring a cheerful outlook.
To make grief or distress seem lighter
by means of kindness and thoughtful attention.
To remove pain, trouble, discomfort or hardship”

I realize once again that the lack of material goods helps them to focus on what is truly important. The immensity of the sky, the vast land around them , the view of mountain after mountain, the seemingly endless roads all provide a wonderful setting for PRAYER, and for getting into the

”heart of the matter”……………..the very Heart of Jesus!

For that God Moment Supreme, I require much concentration, meditation and contemplation as I attempt to get to that bit of Sanctuary,
that special place, that sacred space.
I think of some other blessings that I have heard in my life.
May the Lord hold you in the palm of His Hand…
May He be kind and gracious to you.
May the Good Lord bless and keep you ‘til we meet again.

These all seem Passive. The Good Lord is doing all the holding and keeping. In my Maasai blessing it is I who must Actively do the FINDING!

I have to FIND myself in the very Heart of Jesus.

Theologically I do know that I am always in the mind and the heart of God . Yet the experience of this God Moment Supreme, this profound yearning to get deep into the Heart of Jesus seems to haunt me. I somehow cannot let go of the desire. It requires much time…..many moments.

(I believe I once or twice might have “been” there---but only for a moment). I want much more than a single “moment”.

How fortunate am I to have that cloth that I now can wrap around my shoulders. How fortunate to have the love and the prayers of the Maasai women who gave those cloths to each of us. I can feel their presence as I pray.

Those women know that it is indeed a reachable place….. so I ‘travel’ there with confidence. I pray that my “moments’ become minutes, the minutes become hours, and the hours become a lifetime in the Heart of Jesus.

That will be comfort like no other………….

I pray that we all can find true comfort in the Heart of Jesus. Amen.

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