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Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, Court 179 announces Renate Schneider (Maryknoll Affiliate - Chicago Central living and working in Haiti) will be one of the recipients of The Sister Thea Bowman Humanitarian Legacy Award to be bestowed on Saturday, March 31, 2012, Lexington House, 7717 West 95th Street, Hickory Hills, Illinois, 12 noon – 4:00 p.m.

Renate SchneiderThis award was established nineteen years ago to honor the memory of Sister Thea Bowman, whose legacy is one of commitment to excellence and selfless service to those in need. Her radiant vision, impenetrable values and inspiring vigor—even at the door of death—are the legacy she bequeathed. Therefore, this award is bestowed upon women whose lives exemplify putting others before self and service to all mankind. Renate Schneider epitomizes the mission of this award.

LA Affiliates, Maryknoll Sister Lucy Yu MM, John Hernandez, Peggy and Joe Santos and Maryknoll Sister Mary Driscoll were at the Pax Christi of Orange County meeting. Fr. John Dear, SJ gave a bible study on his new book from Orbis Books, "LAZARUS, COME FORTH! How Jesus Confronts the Culture of Death into the New Life of Peace."

"The raising of Lazarus in John's Gospel is one of the most dramatic and poignant episodes in scripture. While traditionally read as a story about friendship and faith, Dear shows through his extended meditations how it also summarizes the persistent theme of the Gospel. If Lazarus represents humanity, the story of his raining is about the God of Life confronting the power of death itself, calling humanity to walk out of its tomb-the culture of violence and war-and into 'the new life of resurrection peace'."

As always, Fr. John gives us much to think about and we admire his commitment to peace and to the reign of God on Earth.

"Catholic inquiry to begin on cause for declaring Wilmington native a saint" was an artilce that appeared in Lumina News, a local newspaper in North Carolina. The article includes excerpts from an interview with (and a very nice picture of) Gaye Hieb, Contact Person for the Father Price Chapter in Wilmington.

Friday, 24 February 2012 11:44

Thank you for Sister Mary Ellen

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We sent the following email of thanks to Ann Hayden and to Sr. Mary Ellen, regarding the recent visit by Sr. Mary Ellen to us at the Father Price Chapter of Maryknoll Affiliates, in Wilmington, NC.

Dear Sr. Ann,

We, the Maryknoll Affiliates of the Father Price Chapter in Wilmington, NC would like to thank you for sending us Sr. Mary Ellen. She truly blessed us with her gentle, animated presence that are so representative of the Maryknoll charism. She shared with us the memorial tree-planting along 5th Avenue in downtown historic Wilmington near St. Mary Catholic Church, School, & Shrine, which concluded with a reception attended by our Mayor, Bill Saffo. The reception was held at The Bellamy Mansion, a Civil War era house not far from St. Mary's.

Sr. Mary Ellen graciously shared her Bolivian adventures of mission with both the Spanish-speaking affiliates and the English group, with an additional presentation to the Hispanic/Latino youth.

We all enjoyed talking with Sister and listening to her stories of the people and culture of Bolivia. I especially appreciated her visitation to our HIV medical home bound clients, and her very kind companioning of Marisol, one of the Spanish-speaking members.

As the album of photos shows, we also took Sister on a tour of our historic district which included the Fr. Price marker and the former St. Thomas Church where "Fred" was baptized, confirmed, and ordained.

Thanks so much, again, for gifting us with such a special woman!

Blessings to All,

Gaye Hieb, Fr. Price Affiliate Chapter

Wilmington, NC

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 17:04

Red Bank Catholic 2012 Charity & Social Service Honorees

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Silhouette of National ShrineRed Bank Catholic High School is the 2012 Charity & Social Service Honoree for the Diocese of Trenton.

See the video on the Red Bank High home page.

Check out the news from the Trenton Monitor.

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 00:00

Touching Base with California Chapters

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Although we are already 37 days into 2012 and the Year of the Dragon has begun, it is never too late to make plans. I hope you are planning Affiliate chapter meetings for the coming months. Each chapter does it differently. The Greater Los Angeles chapter, for example, sets aside the first Saturday of each month for their meetings. In this way, a consistent schedule is maintained for the year. The Affiliates know the dates of the meetings even though all the details of each meeting may not be fully planned months ahead. Sharing your activities on your chapter webpage or submitting to the Affiliate website gives other Affiliates and chapters ideas for their chapter activities. The Affiliates website gives news about current chapters and also new chapters being formed.

Monday, 06 February 2012 20:38

ROMEO Charity Auction

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Casa Materna Logo

In early 2006, Tom Sibley, a member of the West Michigan Affiliates, visited Northern Nicaragua including several days In Matagalpa City where he met Maryknoll Affiliate, Kitty Madden. He learned of her work with Casa Materna, a program serving rural Nicaraguan woman with high risk pregnancies. Upon returning to West Michigan Tom a member of a "loosley defined group of ROMEO'S (Retired Old Men Eating Out) asked his affiliate partners to participate in the first ROMEO Charity Auction held at a friends Coffee Shop in Hudsonville, Michigan. The Auction (one of the ROMEO'S is an auctioneer) has continued and this year netted $1742 for five charities including $600 for the Affiliate's designated charity Casa Materna.

Monday, 30 January 2012 20:57

Thank you from Mary Oldham

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Mary Oldham, Maryknoll Lay Missioner in Mombasa, sent the photo below to the Red Bank Catholic High School Club as a way of saying "thank you" for pencils I brought with me when I visited there with Friends Across Borders (see Kenya Gifts: In the Eyes of the Beholders). Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Mary Oldham and students holding thank you sign

Thursday, 19 January 2012 17:13

Hello from Lake Victoria, Tanzania

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Dec. 21, 2011

We have had a very successful 3 weeks with the 15-17 school-age orphans. They have had math and English practice, singing and reading every day for 2-3 hours. We all enjoy the lessons and laugh a lot. Every night they come to our room to exchange reading story books to take with them to bed.

Since we were here last year some things at the orphanage have changed. The kids who attend primary school have moved to the dorms becaus the school is now a boarding school for the primary grades as well as the middle grades. This leaves only the smallest children "home" during the morning on school days. The children old enough for preschool come to the preschool in the mornings and return to the orphanage at lunchtime and remain there the rest of the day playing, eating and laughing.

Philadelphia Maryknoll Affiliate Gathering, January 15, 2012

The Philadelphia Maryknoll Affiliates gathered on January 15 at St. Malachy’s Rectory in Philadelphia.

We opened with a prayer followed by some sharing and reflection.

Prior to the gathering, Pat Hayes had sent two pieces for reflection and provided a third piece at the meeting. The focus of the reflection pieces was prophetic imagination and the vocational call to be prophetic, as individuals and as a group.

We focused on Walter Brueggemann’s book on prophetic imagination in which he begins with examining the alternative community of Moses as a paradigm for the community built on the foundation of the biblical prophet’s work and ministry. Brueggemann proposes that “the task of prophetic ministry is to nurture, nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominant culture around us.”

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