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Sunday, 07 February 2010 21:12

Africa News, Week #2

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We’ve had a surprisingly busy week here, including a bit of rain, finally. I haven’t talked about the heat—we knew it would be hot—but the rainy day was surprisingly cool. The only downside is that the shower water doesn’t heat up much, but then we’re getting to appreciate cooler showers.

Thursday, 04 February 2010 23:06

Daily Adventures in Hanoi

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Thank you for your continued prayer support. Everyday something occurs that I know is not under my control and I still survive. The traffic in Hanoi is chaos, mainly motorbikes zipping in and out. Their sense of space is less than 2 inches. The students at the school have taken pity on this old woman and have one of the brothers take me to school every day on his motorbike. Sometimes one of the dainty sisters picks me up. It is about a half an hour walking. I don’t think that they realized what an American sized body could be. I ride on the back and often have my eyes closed because I’d be reacting to every close call. I am getting better. 

Monday, 01 February 2010 16:29

Carolyn Creighton in Thailand

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Well, 3 weeks down and 2 more to go.  Wow, time is flying by.  Everyone says that the weather is not normal; Thailand at this time of year is "cool" (meaning low-mid 80's).  Not so this year, it's in the low 90's every day, with humidity varying from mild to suffocating.  After 10 days here, the little critters have found me--to be quite tastey.  Mosquitoes, bed bugs, and something that must be invisible cause I havn't spied the culprit, but it leaves an itchy bump.  If I didn't consume so many sweets, my blood sugar wouldn't be so delicious.  Maybe if I ate a lot of garlic they'd leave me alone.  Ya, like I'm ever going to eat garlic in lieu of sugars.  I have bought bug spray, lotion and a bug repelant (sp) wipe; they do help.

Monday, 01 February 2010 13:53

Africa News, Week #1

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RhinoIt’s hard to believe we’ve been in Africa over a week, but also amazing to realize how much we want to remember just from this first week!

Friday, 25 December 2009 00:00

Navidad en Lima

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Aquí los Afiliados de Lima nos reunimos para esta Navidad y compartimos los temas de Adviento.

Hemos visitado los hogares haciendo posadas, durante cuatro días. Luego, hemos realizado una chocolatada para los niños de bajo recursos económicos. Aunque nos falto regalitos para algunos, al menos todos tomaron su chocolate y paneton.

Central California Coast Chapter of Maryknoll Affiliates


Highlights of our Activities—2008 and 2009



Fr. Steve Judd visits our Chapter—tells about Bolivia, Maryknoll Language Institute, Christopher Leadership, other activities in Cochabamba. Fr. Steve Judd MM


Thursday, 24 December 2009 05:00

Christmas Eve in Camboida

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Hello Dear Friends,

We’ve been in Cambodia for six weeks now with six weeks to go. Brian, Andrea and Liam arrived from Shekou, China and will be with us through Christmas. Liam is, of course, sweet, precious, beautiful and wonderful. We went to a small family-run resort with a swimming pool and lots of lush trees and flowers for a couple days. It’s only 5 kilometers outside Phnom Penh but feels like a different world. Tomorrow, we’ll spend Christmas afternoon and evening with the Maryknoll community.

Friday, 22 January 2010 22:13

History of the Yucatán

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From the Maryknoll Affiilate in Merida with much love.

Monday, 18 January 2010 00:00

Campaña de Navidad del 2009

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Estimados amigos de Afiliados de Maryknoll, a nombre de mi mamá, sra. CARMEN ROSA BERROA DE MACHADO, ella tiene 74 trabaja en Arequipa, en el Capítulo CERRO COLORADO de Arequipa -Perú,  les envio estas fotos (click "Read more" para ver las fotos), de la campaña de Navidad del 2009, este pueblo queda en Perú, ubicado en el Departamento de Arequipa, Provincia de Castilla, su nombre es Machahuay, queda a  3,800 mts. sobre el nivel del mar, es uno de los sitios más pobres de Arequipa, viven de la agricultura, todavía se practica el trueque, por la poca accesibilidad de la zona, es dificil llegar a este pueblo, solo se encuentran niños y ancianos, los jóvenes salen a estudiar a las universidades y/o institutos superiores, o tambien a trabajar, ellos reciben visitas nos contaban sus pobladores en la época de campaña electoral, es un sitio que se siente la sensacion que nuestras manos pueden tocar el cielo, es maravilloso de solo estar ahi, este año se realizo una campaña de navidad en esa zona; los niños y ancianos gozaron con un SHOW INFANTIL, animado con jóvenes estudiantes que fueron los mismos que se encargaron de recolectar juguetes, chocolate, panetones, dulces, canastas de víveres y ropa de la Carrera de Administracion de Servicios de Hostelería del Instituto Superior Honorio Delgado de Arequipa, ellos con mucho amor participaron de este maravilloso evento.

Carmen Machado Berroa

Sunday, 10 January 2010 22:05

Greetings from Thailand

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Greetings from Thailand. Arrived yesterday after a 20 hour flight to "global warmed" Thailand, a sweltering 95 degrees, with a 1 hour rain storm around 3 in the afternoon. Both the heat and rain are unusual at this time of the year. Today (Sat.) is about 10 degrees cooler and wonderful. Hope there is no rain. Met lots of other Maryknollers, priests, and volunteers. The comraderie is wonderful. Went to dinner with Brother John Beeching, MM, and Serge (long time volunteer from NY, former USAF and Ireland Airlines).  Bangkok really is a hub for Maryknollers in SE Asia. I start teaching on Monday at Wat (temple) Vorachanyawat. Might also teach in another Wat that has Burmese monks. Will see. The sights, smells, noise are so familiar. So glad to be back here.

Love, Carolyn 

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