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Tuesday, 31 May 2011 23:33

Listen… To The Sounds… Of Haiti

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Hello Haiti, my dear friend. Just a tease on Simon and Garfunkle's hit of years ago, the Sounds of Silence. I concentrate now on the sounds that I do hear, not silence. The busy airport terminal where we land is a bit more modern, at least the part that is rebuilt.  We do not have to use movable steps from the plane and walk outdoors to the terminal.  We have a tunnel passage like other large airports for these 767 planes.  I hear the familiar sounds of the band before I see it. Glad to tip you guys and thanks for putting me in the mood of the Caribbean. I hear an even more welcome sound.  "Hello, Patricia".  Three of Mother Teresa's  Missionaries of Charity sisters were apparently on the same flight. One knows me, In three weeks I shall return to Haiti and spend one month at their convent compound in Port au Prince, holding babies, loving babies, and helping with some clinics. My heart already begins to be happy!

We are happy to share with you that, since our newsletter in November, the Maryknoll Affiliate Board has accepted our application to form an Affiliate Chapter. The name of our chapter is Buen Vivir Mexico (living well or being well). The concept of “el buen vivir” urges us to build harmonious and complementary relationships with all people and Mother Earth and substitute mutual assistance, community, and fiesta in place of our fierce economic competition and over consumption of natural resources. There is a Buen Vivir Movement growing out of Latin America, especially among the indigenous people, and the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns has adopted it as one of its priorities. Our Chapter will be working with our indigenous neighbors to understand the profound wisdom of this vision, to share it with others, and to put it into practice in our own lives. These Zapotec words of wisdom speak to the philosophy of Buen Vivir: “The one who is rich is not the one who has much but the one who needs little.”

Monday, 30 May 2011 12:16

Housing Project in Haiti

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The idea for the housing for women project came to us after the January 2010 earth quake in Haiti. The Jeremie area itself had accommodated thousands of earthquake refugees. The most vulnerable as always were women and their children.Studies have shown that women, who own their own homes in Haiti are more able to maintain their own small businesses, and feed, clothe and educate their children. So the idea to build simple houses for women was born. To locate women who are in need of housing we work with local women's groups who will decide which woman in their area is most in need. In order for a woman to qualify she has to have title to the land, and she has to be single. Of course this does not mean she has te remain single for the rest of her life, but once she has a house nobody can put her out, she has security. Also she has to put some sweat equity into the building of the house, and the whole community is involved in transporting building material. Each house provides paid employment for about 8 people. We have built 15 houses so far and have provided short term employment for about 120 people thus putting money  into the community. Each of the houses has 3 rooms, 2 bedrooms and a livingroom/dining room. A separate latrine also comes with the house.

Two members of our Fox Cities Maryknoll Affiliates attended “Advocacy Day at the Capitol”, March 15th, 2011, in Madison, Wisconsin. This annual event gathers people of various churches, synogogues and mosques to advocate with their state senators and representatives about issues that affect the common good of communities, and especially of those who find themselves in poverty. The timing couldn’t have been better, as it was on a Tuesday after the Saturday that our 14 Democratic senators had returned to Madison and appeared at the last huge rally to oppose the Budget Repair Bill of governor Walker. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 14:26

Flooding in San Isidro

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We received the following news from Maryknoll Affiliate Kathy Dahl-Bredine via Kathy Vargas (both are Maryknoll Affiliates in the Buen Vivir, Mexico Chapter, with Kathy and Phil Dahl-Bredine living in San Isidro, Oaxaca):

To explain briefly what's going on here, for the past 3 days we've had unbelievable rains, hail storms, flooding, destruction in San Isidro and the area around.  Both our houses have had rivers of water and mud flowing through threm, and we're still ankle deep in mud. There's no electricity and no phone service. We think our desktop computer and the whole internet system is destroyed, along with much else. The little concrete block house (our office and guest room) is still full of mud and water several inches deep because every night it comes again, and now the sheetrock ceiling is colapsing and falling all over everything. A giant pine tree fell on top of the palapa and they're still trying to get it down, but the main ridgepole of the palapa is cracked, so the whole thing may come down. The cob house floors are totally destroyed. All the crops, including gardens, all the cajete -- everything is gone, swept away, buried in mud.  Many people in the village lost the roofs of their houses, and many people's animals died -- they buried 18 yesterday. Our horses got lost in the night, but we finally found them, and they're OK.  

But we're alive!  Gracias a Dios!  

I managed to get out of the village with difficulty to get to Nochixtlan, so I could use email.  The road out of the village is pretty bad and I probably won´t get back in. at least not with the vehicle.  Even the main highway has large areas covered with mud and rocks.

We'll be in touch again as soon as it becomes possible.


Monday, 16 May 2011 16:11

A California Adventure Of 1,122 Miles

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CaliforniaFollowing the example of our first California Regional Coordinators, Marta and Charlie Reilly of San Diego, we decided that it was important that we visit all the Affiliate Chapters in California as the new Regional Coordinators. We worked out a plan to visit the Northern and Central California Chapters during the week of May 9 -13, 2011.

Monday, 25 April 2011 13:58

Chapter Meeting and Sending for Rick Dixon

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On Sunday, April 17, the New York City Subway Chapter gathered at the Maryknoll Sisters, Maryknoll, NY, so they Sister Joan Peltier MM could be part of their meeting. At this meeting, the Chapter blessed and "sent" Rick Dixon, who will be joining the Maryknoll Lay Missioners this fall and will likely be going to Latin America.

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The following article was originally published in the Maryknoll Lay Missioners Alumni Newsletter, Always a Missioner, April 2011. This connects directly with our most recent edition of Not So Far Afield and the theme of water.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, Jason Gehrig, presented the results of his book, Water and Conflict, at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. Mr. Ken Hackett, the President of Catholic Relief Services, introduced Jason to an overflow audience.

As I turned to leave the church after morning mass I was surprised to see a friend who is homeless standing in the back. Steve told me that he had come to the church to look for me. He felt unworthy to come up to the front, (actually midway) to sit with me in my pulpit. Later that day I explained the difference between pulpit and pew… I try to imagine myself in a pulpit and smile. Steve said he liked the service. (I wonder if it would have been different , if I were indeed in a pulpit)

Thursday, 24 March 2011 05:00

Home Again

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The way to Chipole is more than a certain amount of hours or miles from my home in Lacey, WA. It is worlds away. To be there I must let go of myself and my stuff. I must let go of my independence and worries about what I should wear or eat. And even after a 24 hour flight of a kazillion miles and a bus ride of many hours more I don't arrive there as ready as I should be for living with loving sisters and wiggly children, small living quarters and simple food.

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