Bertha Haas

Bertha Haas

Sábado, 27 Agosto 2016 21:46

Maryknoll Affiliates in Tanzania

Bertha Haas – Returned Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Portland Chapter 

Costansia Mbgoma hosted a gathering of the Maryknoll Affiliates of Mwanza, Tanzania at her home this July. US Affiliates may remember Costansia from the conferences she has attended and her time in San Francisco. 

Six Mwanza Affiliates shared scripture reflections,  food, and fellowship with guests Maryknoll Sister Celeste, Portland Affiliate Bertha Haas, and a Maryknoll Sisters candidate. Many of the Mwanza Affiliates are former students of the Maryknoll Sisters at Rosary College. They stay connected to the Sisters and their fellow students as a means of retaining their Maryknoll ideals and values in a society that often doesn’t share them. They attract many younger members, including men, who are attracted by Maryknoll spirituality and are called to see social needs and respond.

Sábado, 27 Junio 2015 00:00

A Study of Church and State

Bertha Haas - Portland Chapter

A review of Christianity and the Political Order: Conflict, Cooptation, and Cooperation, by Kenneth R Himes, published by Orbis, 2013.

Himes traces the relationship between church and state from Old Testament times to post-Vatican II. After defining terms, he relates the tug-of-war, each trying to achieve dominance until finally arriving at democracy and separation of church and state under the US Constitution. Then in the final portion of the book, Himes discusses contemporary issues that involve both the government and religion, emphasizing the evolution in the Catholic Church’s teaching. 

Domingo, 05 Enero 2014 00:00

Living Our Baptismal Call

Bertha Haas – Portland Chapter

The Call to Action Conference (C2A) in Milwaukee was a profound renewal of our baptismal call.

From Nancy Sylvester’s pre-conference session on compassionate conversing, to Miriam Therese Winter’s final keynote reminding us that though we have to live institutionally, we must never think institutionally, we were challenged to remember, “We are the Church.”  Therefore, although we can rejoice in the freshness of Pope Francis, it is we who will bring the changes we want to see in the church.  There is no stopping the Holy Spirit if we will just align ourselves with her.

Miércoles, 01 Enero 2014 00:00

What's So Blessed about Being Poor?

Reviewed by Bertha Haas – Portland Chapter

Order this one now! (By L. Susan Slavin and Coralis Salvador, Orbis, 2013.)  And while you’re at it, order copies for your family and friends!  You’ll want to share it without losing your copy.

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Bertha Haas – Portland Chapter A Review of: Jesus Was a Migrant, by Deirdre Cornell, Orbis (40% off all books for Affiliates!)

book coverNeed a book that is at once personal and theological? Or both easy reading and extremely challenging? Both academic and intimate? This is the book for you.

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