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Confused Catholics Called to Rise Above

Al Drinkwine – Seattle Chapter

My soul is Catholic
My mind so confused,
How can limited,
Single-minded Catholics
Our world family so abuse

Having lost an infant
Through miscarry,
And a son
Due to untreated mental health,
The pain of love lost
I leave on no shelf

If abortion,
And sexual discrimination,
are the main issues
On which a president is elected,
Many moldy minds
Need to be disinfected

What about those
Who die at our border,
Due to warped moral values
Of a presidential, glory hoarder

And there are our homeless,
Increasing in numbers,
With no place to live
Or safely slumber

Add to the unacceptable pile
Our victims of endless conflicts,
So the military-industrial complex
Can reap financial benefits

My soul is Catholic
My mind so confused,
How can limited,
Single-minded Catholics
Our world family so abuse

As a cradle-Catholic
No need for confusion,
From the cradle to the cross
Christ, cast no elusion

His love
Not exclusive,
Or abusive,
His life’s message
Remains totally inclusive

No single issue
Dominated His love,
His blended message,
Calls us, to rise above


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KARIBU* – Come On In

Bill Murphy – Boston Chapter


Come - move your feet,

Take that step

subdue that fear of being

different   uncomfortable    vulnerable.

Being a stranger goes both ways –

through the threshold of this hut/home

new worlds open

for you

for them.

Karibu, calls -

what do you hear?

what do you do?


*a Swahili greeting of welcome in East Africa
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Thoughts on God

Everyday life and all it takes are holy.

Every single breath is & gift of God. Every exhale is an act of trust.

How close am I to God?
“As the Father is in me, so also am I in you.”

—From the jottings of Bob Maxwell,
Maryknoll Affiliate

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We Are Corn and Beans

Daniel Caño – Mayan Spiritual Guide

Here we are.

I am the corn

and you are the bean plant.

Your roots intertwine

with mine


and embracing

we flourish together

in this field

that is life.

Originally published in Daniel Caño’s Spanish/Mayan/English book of 
poetry, Savage Prayer. Reprinted with permission.


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Viernes, 26 Agosto 2016 19:02

The Homeless

Don Foran – Friend of the Affiliates

Ten men clamber out of the creaking van,

Their sweaty bodies meeting a kiss

Of cool night air.

They drift, silently, sullenly

Toward the darkened church.

Mattresses lie, two or three to a room,

Along walls decorated with children’s

Drawings and almost casual crucifixions.

Carl, Eddie, Jake and the others

Throw their worn packs and bags 

Onto the makeshift beds, and John,

It’s always John, is first to ask 

If he can have his sack lunch now,

Not in the morning as we had planned.

“Sure,” I say, almost as anxious as he

To assuage this remediable hunger.

Several echo John, and soon all 

Are feasting on pb and j;  apples, celery,

And other healthy fare remains on the table,

But they’re happier now, even communicative.

One thanks me for setting a new pair of white socks

On each mattress.  Another offers a juice cup 

To a friend.  “Lights out!” Rick calls at ten,

And no one argues, no one hesitates.  Sleep

Knits once more the raveled sleeve of care,

Obliterates the hurt, soothes the jangled nerves.

Tomorrow will be another day,

Another cheerless day embroidered

With small triumphs, fragile dreams.

Note: “The Homeless” first appeared in Beyond Parallax, Centralia College (2003). Reprinted with permission.



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For all those who see “home” and all it means Disappear behind them;
For all those who cannot see a home In the days ahead of them;
For all those who dwell in Daily insecurity;

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