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Active in Seattle

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The following report is condensed from Pat Bader’s minutes of the October 12 Seattle Chapter meeting.

Affiliates gather at the Seattle Maryknoll Missioners House, where they meet.

To begin the meeting, Al Drinkwine read his poem entitled, “An Earthly Letter to Our Heavenly Father,” his response when a priest suggested that he write a letter to God.

Discussion: We explored, “Why do we attend the monthly Affiliate meetings?” using the Four Affiliate Pillars as a starting point. Some comments:

Spirituality binds us together as a group.

Community: We are nurtured by our community and by the support we all receive from connecting at the monthly meetings.

Global Vision: The Not So Far Afield newsletters keep us in contact with Affiliate activities worldwide.

Action: We volunteer together locally and internationally.

Chapter roles: After three summers of coordinating Affiliates to help the Maryknoll priests during their weekend mission appeals at parishes, Carolyn Creighton has handed on the job to Janet Quillian. Carolyn is also stepping down as Chapter Coordinator, to be replaced by Kitty Schiltz, who was nominated and unanimously approved.


  • The Maryknoll priests giving summer weekend appeals at various parishes say they appreciate the support of the Affiliates during and after the Masses. We promote all the Maryknoll entities in our discussions with parishioners.
  • Jerrie Drinkwine and Al attended a luncheon in support of the Seafaring Ministry in Seattle. Some of the seafarers who work on the ships appreciate help while they are in the Port of Seattle. This could be a ministry we might want to consider.
  • Annapatrice Johnson, with Maryknoll Mission Education, is organizing a Maryknoll display for the October 18-19 Catholic Cornerstone Conference at the Tacoma Convention Center; Pat Bader will help at the display. 
  • Donations collected at this meeting will be sent to the Oaxaca Ecology Project, which is operated by former Maryknoll Lay Missioners Pat and Mary Denevan. They will close their nonprofit organization at the end of this year and plan to retire in place at their ecology farm and continue ministering to the people in their Oaxacan community.

Presentation: Al and Jerrie Drinkwine gave an enthusiastic and informative presentation on their 8-day trip to Cuba in April to “Support the Cuban People.”  They received friendly welcomes everywhere and stayed at B&Bs to experience local hospitality and culture. The 1950s vintage vehicles are a favorite mode of transportation for tourists. The already fragile economy had collapsed further after the Russians withdrew from Cuba in 1990.


  • Wednesday, November 9 – our next meeting
  • Saturday, November 30 – decorating party in preparation for our Christmas season celebration.
  • Friday, December 6 – Christmas season Mass at 5:00PM, followed by dinner.
  • Saturday, January 11, 2020 – Speakers will be Ralph and Kate Maugham.
  • June 25th to 28, 2020 – International Maryknoll Affiliate Conference in New York

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