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You Talk – We Listen

Judy Pinney of Walla Walla, Washington, writes: Currently, we are working with our Catholic Social Concerns Committee on holding a possible bilingual prayer service to Our Lady of Guadalupe to pray for immigrants and asylum seekers. Our parish is over half Hispanic yet has been virtually silent regarding what is happening at the border and the call for Catholics/Christians to support immigrants. Some of us from both the Anglo and Hispanic communities have come up with a format for this possible service using materials from the USCCB website and are contacting the pastor this week for approval. If this comes to fruition, we would be happy to share the meeting outline with you in case any of you would like to use it in your parishes or in one of your meetings. 

NSFA editor Paula Schaffner responds: My parish needs opportunities to bring our Anglo and Hispanic communities together, too. We’ll be looking forward to receiving your meeting outline!

Hugh Menton, Regional Coordinator for California, suggests: In the spirit of Affiliate connections and global vision, Jean [Hugh’s wife] prepared for our Affiliate meeting potluck the New Zealand-origin dish, Bean & Tomato Stew—Square Edge, that you [Paula Schaffner] shared in an email to your Chapter participants and copied me some time ago.  It was delicious, as all in our Chapter who attended today’s meeting testified.

Has NSFA ever included an international potluck item recipe column? My impression is that almost every Chapter gathers around food and it is an easy avenue to introduce global awareness.

NSFA editors respond: We agree that sharing food can both build community and increase global awareness. We’ll start with this issue—look for the Potluck Recipe Exchange on page 8. It will also appear in occasional future issues.

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