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Sept 21 Events

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People’s Climate March – New York

Jo Albright – Subway Chapter

Two days before the People’s Climate March, I learned that groups were to meet at specific locations, such as religious groups at Columbus Circle. Riding there in a half-filled subway car, I was relieved to immediately see a Maryknoller! I didn’t see many more until the march started, when Beth Begley and I were trying to maintain a curbside seat.

The “biggest climate march in history” left Central Park and headed toward lower Manhattan and the NYC waterfront on 6th Avenue. Crowds watched and cheered us as we went by. It was hard to keep up with the banner-carrying Maryknollers, mostly priests. I saw Affiliates Margaret and Adel, with a group from their parish.

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LA Affiliates and Campaign Non-violence

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Kathee Hennigan Bautista – Los Angeles Chapter

Greater Los Angeles and San Diego Chapter Affiliates became familiar with peace activist Fr. John Dear’s work while preparing to co-sponsor the 2010 Western Regional Affiliate Conference. Since Fr. John was our keynote speaker, both chapters began studying his latest book. He spoke passionately about following the non-violent Jesus and offered us the opportunity to take the vow of non-violence. Many of us continued studying his work and listened to his speeches when he spoke in our area.

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Maryknoll Today and the Maryknoll of Tomorrow

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Sr. Ann Hayden, MM – Affiliate Board Member

It is clear that Maryknoll’s role in God’s mission is, like many human endeavors in these times, arriving at a “profound historical turning point.” This phrase was used by Joe Holland in his presentation at the 2012 “Mission in the Future” symposium, held at Maryknoll, NY. The event was prepared by the four Maryknoll entities: the Affiliates, the Lay Missioners, the Fathers and Brothers, and the Maryknoll Sisters.

John Moritz – Southeast Regional Coordinator, Northeast Florida Chapter

John Moritz, Peg Vamosy, MLM, and Jack Sullivan, MM at the General Assembly John Moritz, Peg Vamosy, MLM, and Jack Sullivan, MM at the General Assembly

I thank the Affiliates and our Board for the privilege of representing them at the General Assembly (GA) of the Maryknoll Sisters. 144 voting Sister Delegates came to set their directions and policies and to elect new leadership for the Congregation. Other official but non-voting participants included: Fr. Jack Sullivan – Society, Margaret (Peg) Vamosy – Lay Missioners, and Mary Elizabeth (Mef) Ford –Full Circle.

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Joy of the Gospel… in Cambodia

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Rich Lessard – Albany Chapter, Affiliate Board Member


FAB travelers, with Denise and Rich Lessard on the far right, before the stone faces of the ancient Bayon Temple.

Around the world in 18 days! My wife, Denise, and I recently participated in the Maryknoll Lay Missioner’s Friends Across Borders (FAB) program in Cambodia.

”So, how was your trip?”—I find myself entertaining this question in my first weeks home. How do I capture the essence of this Cambodian FAB experience? How do I explain the transformation working inside me? After a chuckle—they don’t realize how loaded the question is—I exclaim, “It was great!” an accurate, though short, response. But if the questioner is interested, I’ll explain that the trip was a mission awareness experience and that we visited with a number of Maryknoll Lay Missioners, Sisters, and Fathers. I’ll highlight some of their various ministries, and provide some context to the plight of the Cambodian people, past and present. Often, I’ll mention my blog of each day’s activities. This response still doesn’t capture the richness of the experience, though. 

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Mission and Wholemaking in a Time of Uncertainty

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Ann Carr – Maryknoll Affiliate Board Chair

Several challenging and grace-filled moments are currently shaping the life of the Affiliate movement: our June MAC 2014 conference, the recent Maryknoll Society Chapter, the Maryknoll Congregation General Assembly (GA), and world events ranging from tragic wars in Syria to the inspiring leadership of Pope Francis. Aware of these influences, the Affiliate Board gathered October 17-19 to engage in a process of visioning, direction setting, and needs assessment for the Affiliate movement. We want to listen deeply and create a process inviting all Affiliates to discern with us. Where and how do we see the Affiliate movement now? How are recent experiences shaping our future direction?

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Thousands of Stars in Bolivia

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Jason Obergfell – Cochabamba, Bolivia Chapter

Translated from “Hay miles de Esterellas en Bolivia,” which appeared in the October 2014 issue of No Tan Lejos del Horizonte.

Estrella (Spanish for Star) is a girl in the Educational Support Program of the Parish of Our Lady of La Salette in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She’s probably not one of the best students in her school. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate her when she has a task. One day in particular, she had to work on a project for Mother’s Day. As she made no progress, I tried to help her think with a question. “How are moms?” I asked. “Bad,” she said. I thought she was joking with her answer. So I told her to continue working and I would return later. 

Catherine (Kitty) Madden – Affiliate

In Nicaragua’s Northern Highlands, since Casa Materna began in 1990, Maryknoll has been present through the Sisters, Fathers, Lay Missioners and later the Affiliates. This October 31st we celebrated the 24th anniversary of the Casa, and 23 years of service to over 17,000 rural mothers with high-risk pregnancies. To all of the Maryknoll family we give thanks for the many ways in which you have accompanied us, spiritually and financially, during these first 24 years.

The Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman staff

While the Casa has no formal volunteer program, we welcome small groups to come for 7-10 days to experience the reality of Nicaragua and the various aspects of the Casa services. For more information about visits and a participation in a “ministry of presence,” contact co-founder and Maryknoll Affiliate  Kitty Madden at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.   and visit   www.casamaterna.org 



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El Salvador Mining Struggles Continue

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Joe Hastings – Maryknoll Lay Missioner, El Salvador 

(Edited from MOGC NewsNotes July-Aug 2014)

The Oceana Gold mining company, owner of the El Dorado mine, uses its deep pockets to influence politicians, coerce support in communities desperate for funds, and intimidate opponents. A decision on the legal future of the mine is now with the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), a World Bank “court” in Washington, DC, far away from anyone who lives in the threatened areas of El Salvador.

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Reverse Cultural Immersion

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Dan Driscoll-Shaw – Chicago Central Chapter

The servers stand ready.

Maryknollers are experienced in immersing ourselves in another culture. Our Chicago Central Chapter recently helped seven Chinese priests and sisters immerse themselves in the best of our American culture, at least for a day. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, we invited them to share in our traditional Thanksgiving feast. 

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