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Nos reunimos en pequeños grupos para estar en misión en el mundo. Cada grupo es único, pero todos se esfuerzan por construir círculos de compasión a través de la práctica de nuestros cuatro pilares: espiritualidad, visión global, comunidad y acción.

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Experimentamos la misión al conectarnos con el otro, en ocasiones en tierras lejanas, pero primero en nuestras propias comunidades


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Rezamos con y por quienes están en misión, por aquellos en estado de necesidad, por nuestra tierra y para que…


Global Vision

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Aprendemos de la riqueza de la diversidad cultural y religiosa, asimismo promovemos el respeto a nuestros hermanas y hermanos alrededor…



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Trabajamos por la justicia y la paz, de manera solidaria con el pobre, el oprimido y las personas excluidas del mundo

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No Tan Lejos del Horizonte

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Miércoles, 05 Noviembre 2014 00:00

El Papa Francisco en varias ocasiones y con mucho entusiasmo nos ha invitado a unirnos en una “Revolución de la Ternura”. Pero, ¿En qué consiste esta Revolución de la Ternura? En este artículo se presentan algunos recursos que pueden permitirnos acercarnos a esta propuesta del Papa Francisco desde sus propias palabras. Los compartimos con la intención que pueda ser una fuente para reflexionar y responder, de forma individual y en comunidad, a esta propuesta del Papa Francisco.

Not So Far Afield

Not So Far Afield is a bimonthly publication of the Maryknoll Affiliates. The name is a play on the title of the original Maryknoll Magazine: The Field Afar.

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Viernes, 03 Enero 2020 18:54

I am very grateful that my life has been influenced by Maryknoll, but I hadn’t thought how I might also have affected Maryknoll. Ellen McDonald, MM, said in 1994, “We [Maryknoll] need those of you who have been touched by Maryknoll and have taken Maryknoll’s call out to places we did not dream of.”

In carrying Maryknoll to new places, this issue touches on all four pillars of the Maryknoll Affiliates: Spirituality, Community, Global Vision, and Action. John Moritz shares a new paradigm for a religious community. Renate Schneider continues hoping and working for Haiti.

We in North America are stretched by the Affiliates in Central and South America. See “Circular Economy” and “Peru March For Nonviolence." Like the Perú Affiliates, we want a Church of nonviolence. In NE Florida, the Williams work in prisons, and others write letters, listen, and dialogue. Rich Lessard especially asks us to dialogue with Affiliate leadership; he wants to listen and explore with us our Affiliate identity. We need connection and communication through engagement and dialogue.

In 1994—and today, Ellen McDonald asks, “What is my personal call at this time? And how am I faithful as part of Maryknoll’s call?” Where has Maryknoll taken you? Where are you taking Maryknoll? Tell us at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..

Articles in this issue:

Co-Meditation: A Sacramental Experience  –  "I participate in this communal gift of self, a very real communication of “I am the group, the group is me.”—John Moritz

Who is Maryknoll? – "We need those of you who have been touched by Maryknoll and have taken Maryknoll’s call out to places we did not dream of."—Sr. Ellen McDonald, MM

!Presente!  – "There were no plans for civil disobedience this year but we were all asked to commit to the principles of nonviolence."—Manny Hotchkiss

Circular Economy: A Practice for Good Living  – "At present, the overall economy is stuck in a system in which everything seems to favor the linear model of production-consumption-waste."—Marcela Gereda

Perú March for Nonviolence  – "This year, the march was attended by more than 800 people, including school children, neighbors, and leaders of the sector."—Carlos Apcho

Haiti in Turmoil – "The worst was to be a prisoner in my own house, hesitant to venture out."—Renate Schneider

Deported to Cambodia! – "His knowledge of the written and spoken Cambodian language and culture was very limited."—Marie Wren

Crossing Borders and Coming Together  – "We hope that they will also visit us and build a connection with our chapter."—Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

Catholic Nonviolence Initiative - "The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative asks that we no longer use or teach “just war theory.”

A Letter to Pope Francis  – "We struggle to be Church and value your leadership."

Meeting Topic: Addiction  – "Many products and activities are potentially addictive, not just those we traditionally think of as vices..."—Shelby Miller

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And enjoy these features:

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