The hummingbird and the seagull
hover only seconds over their breakfast.
The rabbit hones it body to rigidity
until danger passes. Even tree trunks are not
designed for stillness nor were mountains
made for constancy. Great energy is generated and
held in our attempts to be still; to see the bigger picture;
to take the pulse of the deeper questions or hear
the open invitation of vulnerable spaces.
Being alert, still and silent is difficult to sustain.
That’s why God’s call is not to be constant rather to be faithful,
faithful in the privilege of being witness to God’s own faithfulness.
The call to “Be still and know that I am God”
is the central adventure of my life - the
essential life experience. I awaken to this call
when attentive to the in pouring of gratefulness.
In gratitude I can hear the desire to return and rest again and
again in the still, quiet emptiness that is God in me.
When I enter that sacred point of vulnerability, God fills
it to overflowing with the fluid music of relationship and
then, God dances with me.

I am called to be still and know that I am God.

Ann Hayden, MM
August 19, 2014