#65 Living into a New Consciousness

“The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart


This issue has the Introductory letter of Helene O’Sullivan, M.M.,  to the Maryknoll Sisters,which gives an overview of “The Power of Eight.” 

Dear Companions on the Journey,

Greetings!   In this mailing I offer a précis of Lynne McTaggart’s book and also a focused excerpt of a key chapter in Gregg Braden’s book on The Lost Mode of Prayer. Both books dovetail and focus on prayer and intention for healing ~ of bodies, minds, spirits, relationships both inter-personal and global. It is essentially about wholemaking which emerged at our last General Assembly as an aspiration of our Mission Vision.


The Maryknoll Sisters envision One Earth Community where the co-creative energy of Divine Love flows freely, nurturing wholeness of being in an expanding and evolving universe.

As Lynne herself talks about her book and the Circles of Eight she is not  describing the typical ‘prayer groups’ or circles of the past but focuses on ‘intention circles’ which use the power of thought as Ilia Delio points out in the first video ~ ‘Thought creates our world not the other way around.’

The following quote which is near the end of the book, Lynne sums up what she has discovered which reflects an evolutionary spirituality. She writes: 

I’ve seen the extraordinary power of a small group to create hope and healing in the lives of every group member. I have understood that the most powerful transformational state of all is altruism.

“Moving away from self-help is our most potent healer. I now believe that group intention could indeed heal the world, but not in the way that I first imagined. The healing is all in the participation, the desire to pray with one voice. Intention is the more secular version of prayer, different in its specificity and belief in the individual power to manifest. Rather than leaving it up to God (‘Thy will be done’), we recognize the power in ourselves as co-creators and attempt to take charge of our own fates. We have been raised to think of prayer as highly individualized: you having a private word with your Maker.

“For me it is now evident that we amplify that private word in every way when we pray as a communal act. As one person requests a healing, so our own need for healing reverberates deeply inside us. We make a public commitment to each other to try harder the following day. Each time we participate in a healing, we also heal one small part of ourselves."  

I believe the unity and impact that Lynne is talking about is related to entanglement and wholemaking and other dimensions of evolutionary consciousness, ancient wis-dom and quantum physics.

I was using these concepts when I was envisioning and planning Horizon's (my ministry in Cambodia with girls, survivors of trafficking) and it surpassed my wildest dream for a way to help the girls. I am sure many of you have experiences to share.

The videos that I have also listed are really significant and directly related to the books (“The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart and Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer” by Gregg Braden). They are the experiences of people who have engaged in the Circles of Eight and how it has impacted their lives ~ wonderful stories of wholemaking and healing.

On November 7, 2019,  Richard Rohr, OFM, wrote on his blog:

Daily Meditation:  The Field of Love

“The physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement is a wonderful illustration of the interconnected nature of reality, both spiritual and material. In quantum physics, it appears that one particle of any entangled pair ‘knows’ what is happening to another paired particle—even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which are separated by sometimes very large distances.   Perhaps we could compare this to phenomena such as bilocation, mental telepathy, providence, or synchronicity.

“Most people of faith, however, have credited such frequent happenings to angels, the intervention of saints, or God, which is honestly as good a way to talk about these things as any—except this makes them exceptional, supernatural, or one-time anomalies instead of the implanted norm.

“Non-believers might ignore or deny such things or call them mere ‘accidents’ or chance. All we seem to know is that ‘we’ did not do this by any of our contrivances. It just ‘happened’ by seemingly unseen or chaotic forces.

Richard Rohr continues:

“The Christian tradition clearly points to this entanglement. In his letter to the Romans, Paul writes that ‘the life and death of each of us has its influence on others’ (14:7, Jerusalem Bible). The Apostles’ Creed affirms our belief in ‘the communion of saints.’ There is apparently a positive inner connectedness that we can draw upon if we wish.

“It seems to me that quantum entanglement is a foundationally Christian concept, which is now finding voice in modern science.

“I like to describe this phenomenon as the experiential ‘force field’ of the Holy Spirit. One stays in this positive force field whenever one loves, cares, is in solidarity with, or serves with positive energy.

“In Trinitarian theology, the Holy Spirit is foundationally described as the field of love between the Creator and the Promised One, the Christ.

“When people stand in this place and rest in love as their home base, they become quite usable by God, and their lives are filled with quantum entanglements that may result in very real healings, forgiveness, answered prayers, and new freedom for those whom they include in the force field with them. (Is that what it means to pray for someone?)

“Conversely, there are people who carry death wherever they go; they can pull almost anyone into their negative force field. (Is this hell?)

“I know that when I regress into any kind of intentional negativity toward anything or anybody, even in my mind, I am actually hurting and harming them and myself. Each of us moves things along in the direction of violence every time we fail to love.

“In one of my favorite books, An Interrupted Life, a young imprisoned Jew in Nazi Germany, Etty Hillesum, says straight-forwardly:

Each of us must turn inwards and destroy in [ourselves] all that [we think we] ought to destroy in others. And remember that every atom of hate we add to this world makes it still more inhospitable.

“It surely follows that each of us moves things along in the direction of healing and wholeness each time we choose to love. It is always a choice and a decision.

“We must deliberately choose to be instruments of peace—first of all in our minds and hearts. This is conscious quantum entanglement. God is not ‘in’ heaven nearly as much as God is the force field that allows us to create heaven through our intentions and actions.”

This concludes Richard Rohr’s Reflection

The book precis and these videos listed  in this mailing are a follow-up to the 2020 Maryknoll Sisters General Assembly and 2018 Inter-Assembly Conference reflec-tions and commitment to live as One Earth Community.

With much love, Helene

Videos Relevant to The Power of Eight

IIlia Delio: Trailer: Wholeness Webinar, "The Value of Contemplation"  1 Minute


Lynne McTaggart discusses the effects that Power of Eight groups had on two participants   -     6 minutes                                                                                


Lynne McTaggart and Wes Chapman: How a Power of Eight group session transformed his life - 9 minutes                                                                                                      


Lynne McTaggart reveals how she came across the Power of Eight  -  3 minutes


How to Conduct a Power of Eight Group   - 

7 minutes


How to Do Intention: Useful Tips


Giving and Receiving - Lynne McTaggart 

(The story of George)  - 3 minutes


 Lynne McTaggart - The Power of Eight - Quantum University - 57 minutes


Jonathan Goldman’s Cho Ku Rei –

10 Minute Power of Eight Timer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYc8uRg9Ffo

Gregg Braden: Feeling is the Prayer-                                                         17 minutes


A Hunger for Wholeness, Ilia Delio, OSF – Madeleva lecture 2017