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Maryknoll Affiliates
Affiliate Census 2018


       Affiliate Census 2018

You already have received or will soon be receiving a request from your Regional Coordinator (RC) to provide census information and return that via email to Bob Short. The census is an important tool to give us a broad look of the Affiliate movement and sense of its vibrancy.

The request is to provide the following information:

  1. Number of Affiliates in the Chapter
  2. How often the chapter meets & average number attending
  3. Name, address, phone (landline and/or cell) and email address of all active members
  4. Any other pertinent information you might feel is important

To date 10 chapters have sent in the information.  Once all the information has been gathered, we will make it available to everyone.

Thank you.

The Future of Catholic Ireland

The lead story of America Magazine’s March 5, 2018 issue addresses “The Future of Catholic Ireland”.  In the section on A Numbers Game – or Not, Fr. Michael Collins, a director of formation at St. Patrick’s College at Maynooth is quoted: “From one perspective, something is dying. But from another perspective, you can see that we are in a liminal space: Something new is emerging. There’s something very vibrant happening.  That sounds almost like a contradiction, but I think it is the reality.

I’m pretty sure many of us on this side of the pond, feel similarly.  How then will the Affiliate movement continue to contribute to the vibrancy?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Immersion Trip to the Border in June

Maryknoll Mission Immersion

Border Witness Program – June 17 – June 23, 2018

Are you trying to better understand the realities facing today's immigrants and refugees? If so, Maryknoll's Summer Immersion trip to the Rio Grande Valley may be the answer. This week- long immersion experience led by Matt Rousso and Fr. Gerry Kelly, M.M. will put you in touch with the human faces behind the immigration debate and provide you with opportunities to appreciate their struggles, listen to their voices, and understand their daily realities.

Two spots are still left.  If interested, contact Matt Rousso for more information at:

Virtual Chapter 1 - an inside look

The first formed virtual chapter (there are two others: Contemplative & International) 'met' last Wednesday via conference call.  The chapter meets every other month and always begins with a reflection.  Jim Coady (Minnesota) put together the reflection this time.  As it was both a creative and a unique approach - all based on the sketch you see here - I thought it would be worthwhile to give a small sampling of the design of that reflection.  The discussion that followed among the virtual chapter members was especially meaningful.

Reflection Notes (small sampling) 

  1. To begin, first admire the drawing for what it is as a work of art. Don’t try to explain it. Admire the skill and craft of the artist. Allow the work to make a visceral impression (good, bad, or indifferent) on you at a subconscious level.
  2. Start to really focus on the different parts of the drawing, starting at the top of the image and working your way down. One element or aspect of the drawing at a time.
  3. Look at the way that both men are standing, one stooped and bent over, hand outstretched; the other, upright with his hand on the other’s back. How do you think these two men met up? What do you think is their relationship with each other?
  4. Look at the faces of the men. Imagine these men were not of white European ancestry, but African, Asia, or Latin American…what, if anything, would be different about their faces?
  5. What do the men’s eyes tell you about where they have been, what they have seen and experienced? What about their noses?  And their mouths?
Identity - Responses Received

Two weeks ago we asked if someone(s) might make an attempt to restate the Affiliate Identity Statement... to something shorter than is presently available.  Please consider submitting your own take on this.  Four responses have come in so far.  As I didn't ask their permission, the contributors are not listed.




Northeast Regional Meeting - April 21st - Ossining, NY


You are invited to participate in a NE regional meeting at Maryknoll on April 21st. The theme of the day-long meeting will be Balance: Balance in our own lives and Balance in our Affiliate Chapters. Join us for an informative and interactive conference with a contemplative eye on the present and a collective eye on the future. As the Affiliate board and all the entities look ahead, we believe we must also pay attention to the present; what works, what doesn't and what ideas can be shared among the NE chapters. Chapter contacts in the region will soon be receiving a conference schedule which will include details on how to register. Hope to see you at the Maryknoll Sister's campus in April.

Note that chapters outside the Northeast Region are very welcome as well.



Maryknoll Affiliate Identity


There is a beautiful statement of our Affiliate Identity in the Affiliate Booklet (see below).  Whereas it is beautifully stated, it is long.  Board member Richard Lessard of the Albany Chapter suggested that, if someone asked us who we are, we should be able to respond in a sentence or two, less the questioner leave bewildered and unconvinced.  So, do you think you could provide a statement of our identity in a sentence or two?  We were thinking of offering a BMW to the one who came up with the best identity statement, but that would wipe out our entire operational budget.  Instead, we're offering "thank yous" in many languages along with an abundance of grace.  We're not sure of the exact amount, but it should be lots. Send your suggestions to Bob Short at:


Affiliates are those committed to Christian ideals

who have a strong desire for bondedness in community

who want to participate in Maryknoll's mission to the poor

in its global and local dimensions

Affiliates are people of prayer

committed to continuous formation in their spirituality in their sense of mission

aware of the continuous creative tension between being and doing

Affiliates want to be part of the 21st century Maryknoll movement

of Maryknoll's new, developing understanding of its charism which

moves beyond Congregation, Lay Missioners and Society and is led

by the Spirit to be open to new possibilities of expression

Affiliates bring a uniqueness to this charism while pursuing their life's journey

Affiliates are willing to claim Maryknoll and want Maryknoll to claim them.

They offer and seek a relationship based on mutuality, on trust patience, and presence

matching needs with resources and are willing to enter into healthy,

creative tension in working out this relationship

The relationship between the Affiliates and the Maryknoll members is to

empower both parties to be connected to the people they both serve:

in global vision, spirituality, community, and mission action.

The Covenant is a means of expressing the mutual relationship in which

Maryknoll and Affiliates covenant to each other

Maryknoll Affiliates & Just Faith

Maryknoll Affiliates & Just Faith

A number of Affiliates have been or still are members of Just Faith Ministries (JFM).  Over the last several years the Maryknoll entities – Sisters, Fathers/Brothers, Lay Missioners – with ourselves joining in, have had a contractual arrangement with JFM that we anticipate with be mutually beneficial for both Maryknoll and JFM.  The respective visions of the two organizations overlap in many ways.

If you are unfamiliar with JFM, here is brief statement of how they define themselves:

JustFaith is an intensive, small-group process for faithful Christians looking to deepen their commitment to care for vulnerable people and our planet. Through prayer, study, dialogue, and immersions, participants form community as they explore critical realities and their implications to their lives and their faith. JustFaith is designed for use in diverse Christian communities.

You can learn more from this link:  We are very grateful to have Beth Begley as our Affiliate liaison with Just Faith.

To say it quickly, for this relationship with JFM to be worthwhile, we need them to let us know (1) When and where they are sponsoring workshops.  Are some of them near Affiliate Chapters. (2) Can an Affiliate (or other Maryknoller) be invited to give a talk or otherwise participate in some way?

Do any of you, especially those who know JFM, have additional suggestions?

Oh… JFM is looking for a new Executive Director.  If you are interested?  See:

Affiliate Book Group - Spring 2018

Affiliate Book Group to resume after Easter

If you are considering joining the book group this year, please briefly respond to the following:

  1. List your preferred day(s) and time(s). For consistency, use ET (eastern time zone)
    1. Example - Tuesday between 10 – 2 ET
    2. Example - Friday 1-3 or Sunday 5-8 ET
  2. Preferred Book(s) – choose one of the four choices below; or, add another book of your choice
    1. _______________________________
    2. _______________________________

      Send response to:


Thomas Berry, modern spiritual masters series

Thomas Berry (1914-2009 priest, a "geologian," and a historian of religions, was an early and significant voice awakening religious sensibilities to the environmental crisis.  He is particularly well-known for articulating a "universe story" that explores the world-changing implications of contemporary science.  Berry pointed the way to an ecological spirituality attuned to our place in nature and giving rise to an ethic of responsibility and care for the Earth.

Faith in the Face of Empire


"Both an accessible introduction to the subject and an eloquent reminder for those more familiar with the subject this book deserves a wide audience."--Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Through Palestinian eyes, a challenging view of how the reality of empire shapes the context of the biblical story and the ongoing experience of Middle East conflict.

Flannery O'Connor 

(1925-1964) is widely regarded as one of the great American writers of the twentieth century, author of singular short stories (including "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" and "The Life You Save May Be Your Own") and two novels (Wise Blood and The Violent Bear It Away). Only in 1979, however, with the publication of her collected letters, could the public fully see the depth of her personal faith and her wisdom as a spiritual guide.

A Sense of Wonder

"While the spiritual may be hard to describe 'except with such ephemeral gossamer murk as epiphany, or awakening or shiver of the heart,' notes editor Doyle, this essay collection demonstrates how effectively good writers can capture wonder within human existence, with little or no murk whatsoever. An anthology of 37 astonishing personal stories and essays from some of America's best writers that first appeared in Portland Magazinem

 To check out more Orbis Books:

What Catholics Can Learn from Silicon Valley

What Catholics can learn from Silicon Valley

This is a very different kind of posting for the Affiliate Website.  However, all of us in Maryknoll (the Church in general) are hoping to find ways to engage and attract new missioners, especially young ones.  The flood gates have not yet opened up. 

While not a specific response to the above, the link below will direct you to an article in the December 2017 issue of America (the Jesuit Review of Faith & Culture) that speaks to some interesting and provocative reasons why the Church has fallen back in several areas.  Additionally, it is a challenge to regain its status for innovation.   [You’ll have to endure some attached advertisements]

Luchie Salcedo

While MAC 2017 in Guatemala brought Affiliates and other Maryknollers together from many parts of the world, the geographic distances keep us from hearing much from the international chapters. There is an Affiliate chapter in Mwanza, Tanzania, in Seoul, Korea, two in Philippines, 6 in Peru, 3 in Bolivia and one each in El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala. For each of these chapters and each member therein there is an accompanying human story of mission.

               Luchie Salcedo

A few weeks ago, Fred Goddard relayed this remembrance of Luchie Salcedo from  one of the Philippine chapters:

Luchie has been in and out of the hospital for some time now with varying illnesses, and at times we thought she would not make it. At one point she needed something like five bags of blood for a blood transfusion. Yet, somehow, she always seemed to pull through. She did not make it this time.

 Luchie lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Davao City, and she was always fighting with the people for their rights and their dignity. She was very active in her parish, but lived the liberating message of the Gospel. Above all else, though, Luchie fought for the rights or women alongside other women in Davao and in the Philippines, including Jet’s* sister, Mary Lou (Belo). She will be dearly missed by us, by her community and by the women’s movement.

A difficult way to start the New Year, but her spirit will be with us as we continue her struggles.

* As many of you know, Jet is Fred’s wife

Rosa Beatriz - New Affiliate Board Member

The Maryknoll Affiliate Board gratefully and enthusiastically announces that Rosa Beatriz Castañeda Ramirez of the Guatemala Chapter will be joining the Board as of January, 2018.  All who participated at MAC 2017 know Rosa Beatriz well as the person who, along with her team, provided an amazingly positive (for many transformative) experience there last November at Casa de Retiros Verbo Encarnado in Sacatepéquez, about ½ hour outside Guatemala City. Rosa Beatriz has many administrative, organizational and personal gifts that are only surpassed by her commitment to mission and to Maryknoll spirituality.  Felicitaciones y bienvenido Rosa Beatriz!! 

We would also like to acknowledge and greatly thank !! outgoing Board members John Meyer (Phoenix Chapter) and Patty Barneond de Garcia Tres (Guatemala Chapter).  Both were with us for six years and both contributed with insight, imagination and personal investment in too many ways to count.  They will be greatly missed. Patty also served as Liaison to Latin America – a role that Rosa Beatriz will assume.  Thank you, Patty & John.


2018 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year all!!!  Blessings to each of you as we turn the corner into a new year

and throughout! (Rich Lessard, Albany Chapter & Affiliate Board member)

Christmas 2017

“Heaven is not a place of eternal rest or a long sleep-in, but a life of creativity and newness in love; one with God in the transformation of all things.” —Ilia Delio

 From the Staff of NTLH (No Tan Lejos del Horizonte)