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MAC2017 - An Extraordinary Moment in Affiliate 25 year history


MAC 2017, held at Casa de Retiros Verbo Encarnado in Guatemala was completed today, Sunday 11/12 with the recognition that this could well have been the most successful and important Conference in our 25+ year history.  It is difficult to find the right words to characterize the - organizational skills, creative initiatives, dedication and spiritual insight that the Guatemala Planning Team utilized to put this together.  All of us there (120 participants from 9 countries) are profoundly gratefully for the inspiration, challenge, sense of the Maryknoll family as one that we experienced. More will follow in the weeks ahead.


The MAC is here!

MAC 2017 starts this coming Thursday, November 9th.  Counting commuters, 120 have registered for the Conference.  About half of those have also signed up for one of the four Mission Trips.

The theme chosen by the Guatemalan Conference Committee (GCC) – Buen Vivir (Living in Harmony with All) - in itself brings hope and expectation for all of us.  In every area - dedication to mission, level of creativity, spiritual insight and organizational acuity - the GCC has been exceptional. 

This could very well be a pivotal moment for the Maryknoll Affiliates, for mission.  If you will not be able to be with us, please prayer in solidarity for this special moment in our history.

Maryknoll Mission Immersion


Maryknoll Mission Immersion

Texas Rio Grande Valley – April 16- April 22, 2018

Are you trying to better understand the realities facing today's immigrants and refugees? If so, Maryknoll's Spring Immersion trip to the Rio Grande Valley may be the answer. This week long immersion experience led by Matt Rousso and Fr. Gerry Kelly, M.M. will put you in touch with the human faces behind the immigration debate and provide you with opportunities to appreciate their struggles, listen to their voices, and understand their daily realities. 

Immersion Trip includes

A home base on the grounds of the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle, San Juan , TX

Estimated costs and travel particulars

Note: We can only accommodate 10 participants 

Registration Form

First Name: _____________________Last Name: __________________Email:_______________________

Address: _____________________________________ City/State/Zipcode:  _____________________________

Phone No: ________________________               Diocese: ______________________

                  __ I am  A Deacon                                                                                       Send completed form/check     

                  __ A Deacon’s Wife                                                                                        To:  Matt Rousso

                  __ Involved in Parish/Diocesan Ministry                                                                   7730 Walmsley Ave                                                                                                                                        

                  __ Fluent in Spanish (not a requirement)                                                                 New Orleans, LA 70125                  


More Information? 504-866-8516 or 504-376-4142 (cell)








Third Wave - San Antonio

The Third Wave Mission Institute (Mission in the Third Wave of Globalization) met in San Antonio, TX on October 26 & 27.  The Institute was formed to respond to the needs of the recent emergence of Christians involved in short-term mission and parish partnership efforts. Fr. Gerry Kelly MM heads up this initiative that includes 11 other board members from different dioceses and organizations throughout the country.  Bob Short is the other Maryknoller on the board.  See:

Astonishingly, it is estimated that several million people!! – from colleges, high schools and parishes go on short-term (averaging 10 days) immersion trips each year.  Most of those are young and about 1.5 million are Catholics. 

The primary focus of the Third Wave Mission Institute is to provide formative training for those going on these immersion trips and, more recently, to also provide debriefing sessions upon return.  Both of these formative aspects have been minimal or completely missing in the past. Several times during the meeting, the Maryknoll Affiliates were mentioned as a key resource for future growth.  More to come about this.

NSFA - Nov./Dec. 2017

The November/December 2017 issue of NSFA will be out soon in digital and paper versions.  This is an especially timely, evocative, provocative and moving issue, in that each of articles (all written by Affiliates) stands in strong counterpoint to the frightening unraveling that has been taking place in our country over the last 10 months.  It is an amazingly (not using that word lightly) relevant well-written and vital issue for our times.  Understandably, it is very difficult not to be jubilantly proud at how perceptively and straightforwardly these Affiliate authors have spoken out; and, how well the co-editors Paula and Mary have put this all together.



A workshop presented by

Fr. John Dear, SJ

Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

9 am – 3 pm

Forum Room, Roger’s Building

(on the campus of the Maryknoll Sisters)

To register contact Debbie Northern


Invitation - Paths to Peace in Kenya
Dear Maryknoll Family,
        Gerald Gruzden
I thought you would like to see the announcement of this upcoming event on Paths to Peace Kenya.  Anyone can join in the dialogue via Zoom via the information below.
I will introduce any Maryknoll participants who wish to come into this program at San Jose City College at 7:30 pm PST on October 24.  
We should have several Muslim participants as part of the program. Marita will also share her work with our female partners in the Paths to Peace program in Kenya.
We will also mention the Maryknoll Affiliate group now forming.  
Gerald Grudzen
To contact Gerald: Gerald Grudzen
Our Investments

A time is coming when men (sic) will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.'” (St. Anthony the Great)

The Affiliate Book Group is reading Miguel De La Torre’s Trails of Hope & Terror (Testimonies of Immigration).  It speaks of economic realities, family values, the politics of fear, myths about the immigration debate and includes emotional testimonies from many perspectives.  It’s a poignant and critical topic in these times.

The sessions have been engaging and informative.  The content, dynamics and personal investment of each member are in themselves revealing of an uncommon, if not counter cultural stance in 21st century North America.  Some might say crazy-mad, even subversive.  That might be a badge of honor.  

Once the 4 pillars of spirituality, community, action and global vision become the operative starting place for making an argument, the discussion will inevitably be “tainted”...a very different value system. Odds are that few if any of these pillars surface in board rooms or in this Trump cabinet.  The word “investment” therein is tied to capital and political gain, not to a conscious personal choice towards love. 

Even in the ‘glory days’ 40 - 60 years ago when scores of young people were flocking into Maryknoll (and other religious, priestly and lay Church communities), to opt for the disenfranchised and poor was viewed as a questionable life choice, only for the few.  I don't think that there is much question in our minds and hearts about the investment we are making.

New Chapter - Virtual Hybrid

Until yesterday, Sunday, there were two affiliate virtual chapters.  The first formed has six members crossing three U.S. time zones and has met three times. The second is a contemplative virtual chapter that focuses on reflective conversation and prayer.  Members from both these chapters have spoken very positively about how meaningful the experiences have been.

On Sunday, October 1st, a third, hybrid affiliate chapter entered the virtual Maryknoll Affiliate world.  Approximately 15 members from three continents and as many countries – Kenya, Germany and the U.S. (crossing too many time zones to count) – held their first meeting. 

This hybrid virtual chapter evolved from the creative vision and organizational acumen of Gerry and Marita Grudzen, connected to Maryknoll in several capacities for many years.  Both have been involved in higher education, and there has been a particular focus in the area of interfaith – in spirituality, academics, trainings and personal investment. Gerry’s most recent book in this area is: Spirituality and Science: Greek, Judeo-Christian and Islamic Perspectives

I don’t think the Affiliate Board could have anticipated that virtual chapter could take such a far-reaching character when it was first proposed.  It’s a very encouraging development for mission.  Here’s their first meeting agenda:

October 1, 2017, 3:30-5:00pm (Kenyan Time)

  1. Welcome to Sites where participants are located
  2. Opening prayer and reflection
  3. Introduction and Description of how we will use our time
  4. Today we begin a journey of exploration
  5. Maryknoll Affiliates and Identity
  6. Why did we invite you to consider the Maryknoll Affiliates?
  7. What are the Maryknoll Affiliates?
  8. Vocation specific to Maryknoll Affiliate(s)
  9. What would forming such a community offer us individually and together?
  10. Presence of other Maryknollers in Kenya: Priests, Sisters and Lay Missioners. Read and Listen to their Mission Statements
  11. What would such a spiritual community as we might form offer Kenya?
  12. Maryknoll Affiliates in Tanzania
  13. Questions, Concerns, Clarification- Open Discussion in large group (15-20”)

Formation Process for the Affiliate over 12 months: What it will look like.

Five Themes: Affiliate Identity, Mission, Spirituality in Mission, Community and Prophetic Witness.

Emphasis on four pillars:  Spirituality, Community, Global Vision and Action.

Small group discussion at each site (15”)

Then we go back to the big group and each person introduces themselves and shares something in response to the program.   (25”)

Closing Prayer

Special Webinar - North Texas Affiliates & USCMA
North Texas Affiliates Bob Eilenfeldt and Ken Eppes along with Dr. Don McCrabb of the USCMA will be presenters on a webinar hosted by the USCMA on Wednesday, September 27, 2:00 p.m. ET. The topic will be "Forming a Mission Council." 

This dynamic webinar will help diocesan and parish leaders learn how to form a mission council in their parish or diocese.

  • The webinar is free but you must register. Register here.
  • Texas is unique in the United States of America being the only state where there is a state-wide mission council.
  • Encourage mission oriented people you know to register for this webinar – especially those in parishes and dioceses. Even if they cannot attend the webinar, registration will give them access to the recording as well as follow-up resources. 
Global mission is unfortunately not a major (even minor for some) part of diocesan and parish life.  Hopefully, more of our parishes will consider something similar to this model in Texas.  


(Vision photo by Paula Schaffner)

Join the Maryknoll Affiliate Board in envisioning our future.


1. Read through these two pages.

2. Plan who will read the passages and prayers.

3. Determine who will lead the discussions.

4. Gather markers, a ip chart or large sheets of paper and tape, and pens and paper for individual use. .

Meeting Plan

Opening Prayer:

A member reads these excerpts from Marlene Marburg’s poem, “Dreaming a Grace”:

I imagine a place
people gathering, sharing their deep desires
for the way things can be
in this world at this time
in places
where a new consciousness of God in all things
is emerging.


While visioning at their May meeting, our Maryknoll Af liate Board discussed:

  • Where will the Af liates be in 5 years?

  • Where do we want the Af liates to be in 5 years?

  • Name 1-3 action steps to get there.

    The Af liate movement, as are all of us, is challenged by an evolving world. The Board was excited by the possibilities presented by the actions of international chapters and our ever greater collaboration with the other Maryknoll entities. The Board wants to broaden the conversation to include input from Af liate chapters and individuals. In response, Bob Short posted the article, “Where Will We Be in 5 Years (or less)?” It reads:

    A key question scheduled for the recent conference call between Board and Regional Coordinator members was: “Where do you want the Maryknoll Af liates to be in ve years?” Board Chair Dave Schaffner suggested that to that question, we attach a second one: “Where do you think we will be in 5 years?” They are critical questions for all of us to consider. Hopefully many Af liate Chapters will take up the question as well.

[To see the full Easy Meeting plan you can: (1) go to the latest (September/October 2017) printed edition of NSFA - pages 6 & 7.   (2) go to the online version of NSFA at this link:]

Our Earth & Its People

P. Ignacio Ellacuria's vision of taking the crucified people off the crossThis post is being written after hurricane Harvey; after Mexico’s most devastating earthquake in half a century; after the devastating floods of South Asia; during hurricanes Irma and Jose, but before Irma makes landfall in Florida.  All these have taken place within weeks of each other. We are undoubtedly leaving out other horrific ‘natural’ events in places that rarely make the news.  Tens of millions of lives have been affected. 

All this could lead us in many directions about what in the world is going on – the impact of climate change, humanity’s kindness to each other, humanity’s exploitation of the poor and marginalized, etc. – but at this moment we simply hold all these people in our hearts, particularly those who have little resources or support.

Considering our sister/brother Affiliates and other Maryknollers, we pray for the recovery of those in the Houston Chapter; for the safety of those (many evacuated) in the Northeast Florida Chapter; and most especially, for Mary (79) & Pat (82) Gill-Denevan from the Portland, OR Chapter who have been working  in Oaxaca Mexico for many years.  Some of us received their 51st Newsletter a few days ago.  Thankfully, word just came in from Mary that they are well and with little damage to their house.  She asks for prayers for those near the coast who experienced significant damage. Here’s a quote from Mary copied from their newsletter: 

“The biggest lesson in my life right now is the holding in tension all the best and worst of reality. I know the big plan is beyond me but trust it will work out in Let us all keep the learning that love triumphs in crisis and hope we don’t need continual crises to remember that the present evolution..”

The photo reflects a vision by Padre Ignacio Ellacuria S.J., who was murdered in El Salvador (1989)





September 2017


Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." (Genesis 9:16)

Our hearts and prayers go out to all in southeast Texas and beyond who have suffered from the hurricane and the floods it caused.  Fr. Gerry Kelley MM of the Maryknoll house in Houston has been a primary contact for us in this.  In a recent email Gerry wrote: "The house did not get any water. I had electricity the entire time. Dick Horstmann (Affiliate) had to be evacuated by the Coast Guard from his house. He is staying with one of his sons in Houston. Ron Covey (Affiliate) is stuck in Guatemala with the closure of the airports in Houston. He was supposed to stay at the house and have a cataract operation this past Tuesday."  We also heard from John and Sandra Stables, formerly from the Houston Chapter: "Good afternoon Bob.  My wife Sandra and I have moved on to the Foreign Service and we are currently working in the Embassy in Mexico City. We are watching the events closely and praying for our friends and family.  It's going to be a rough few weeks and months ahead. Glad to hear from you Father Gerry we really miss our Maryknoll family."                                                                                                                                                                      
As people of global vision and hearts, our prayers also go out to the peoples of India, Bangladesh and Nepal who were experiencing horrific floods at the same time that Harvey was moving through Texas.  It killed 1,200 and left millions homeless

MAGAZINE ARTICLE - Something Good in Mission (By Dave Schaffner)

Beginning on Page 40 of the September/October edition of Maryknoll Magazine, this article celebrates Maryknoll Affiliates marking 25 years of connecting with others at home and abroad. This email came in tonight (9/1) referencing the article.

My name is Rita Mitchum. Fr. James Madden, MM, and I were first cousins born and raised in Indianapolis, Ind.  Our families were very close as we were growing up. I want to thank David Schaffner for writing the article in Maryknoll Magazine as a tribute to Fr. Jim's hard work in initiating the Affiliates program. His extended and close relatives miss him greatly. Maryknoll has lost a truly dedicated missionary.    Gratefully, Rita Mitchum


Author Judith Valente wrote of this already successful novel by Lynn Monahan, Editor-in-Chief of Maryknoll Magazine, "Reminiscent of the finest Graham Greene novels..." There will be a book launch and signing at the Maryknoll 39th Street house on Sept. 28 from 6 to 9 pm. All Affiliates in the area are very welcome.


There are still a few openings for the Friday Book Group (1:00pm ET - 10:00am PT) Starts on September 8th. Book for this session: Trails of Hope and Terror by Miguel de la Torre. 

Orbis link:  If interested, contact Bob Short at






Last November the New York Times picked up 130,000 new subscribers - 10 times their average monthly growth rate. Subscriptions at The Wall Street Journal spiked 300 percent and the LA Times went up 61%. The now-profitable Washington Post is hiring 60 new writers. Part of this is attributable to the dismal record of adverting on the internet. But, given that organizations like the A.C.L.U., Southern Poverty Law, Planned Parenthood and Amnesty International have also seen a spike in membership, it’s clear that the new administration in the White House has provided a primary rationale.

I just finished reading a copy of the September/October NSFA. Co-editors Mary and Paula ask me to review it for any needed edits before it goes to print. Given their writing and formatting skills, I’m lucky if I find a spacing error or a letter missing. It's pretty certain that neither NSFA or NTLH (No Tan Lejos del Horizonte) picked up 130,000 new subscribers last or hired 60 new writers, but after having read the upcoming edition of NSFA, I honestly think the world would be in a better place if more people had access to either of these Affiliate newsletters. Neither of them are designed to give direct political commentary; nevertheless, the very thoughtful, substantive, and moving articles inevitably provide a strong commentary against the, to say it euphemistically, small-mindedness of the present Administration. Self-giving and love trumps (sic) narcissism and hate. The paper and online versions of the next NSFA will be out soon.

Para aquellos de ustedes que leen español, NTLH está formateado maravillosamente y es un comentario igualmente sustantivo y reflexivo sobre lo que debe suceder en nuestro mundo. Muchos de los que colaboran en la producción de NTLH están actualmente comprometidos con el MAC 2017, pero la próxima edición saldrá pronto

Prayer for Peace in Our Time

The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns posted this prayer on their website for this month. To access the MOGC website go to:

Affiliate Book Group - Session 3

This September we will launch the 3rd session of the Maryknoll Affiliate Book Group.

There will be two sessions:

  1. Fridays at 1:00 pm ET … 10:00 am PT – first session begins September 8th
  2. Sundays at 8:00 pm ET … 5:00 pm PT – first session begins September 10th

The chosen book is: Trails of Hope and Terror by Miguel de la Torre

     Orbis link:

Each of seven sections (Borders, Economics, Myths, Family Values, the Politics of Fear, Christian Perspectives, Ethical Responses) opens with an examination of an issue and then includes a story or testimony by an undocumented immigrant, a story by someone who works with the undocumented, and a poem, prayer, or a song that expresses the hope and the terror involved in crossing the border. This combination of analysis, story, and artistic expression opens up the complexities of immigration. Cost is $12 at the Orbis site (link above).

If you would like to sign up for this 3rd Book Group please send: 1) your name 2) email address 3) chosen session (Friday or Sunday) to Bob Short at:

We will be starting in under a month, so please respond soon.

Thank you and peace,

Paula Schaffner, Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss, Bob Short

MK Affiliate Book Group Committee

Mary D'Arcy

For a few years we dance around on the stage of life and have the chance to reflect a little bit of God’s glory. As a human, I’m just a tiny moment of consciousness, a tiny part of creation, a particle that reflects only a fragment of God’s love and beauty. And yet that’s enough. And then we return to where we started—in the heart of God. Everything in between is a school of love. (Richard Rohr)

We received word today that Mary D'Arcy of the Subway Affiliate Chapter passed on to New Life.  Mary was a beloved friend to Maryknollers of all four expressions.  She was an Affiliate from the early years; a psychologist consultant for the Lay Missioners for over 30 years; and, before that, a Maryknoll Sister.  In a note a few minutes ago from Mark Koening, a former Director of the Maryknoll Lay Missioners, who served with his family in Venezuela, he wrote, "Mary was a person of wisdom, humor and insight and was never reticent to share those gifts.  So happy she was a part of my life."  For sure, that is something that many reading this can say of Mary. 

The message from the Maryknoll Society today said this:

August 2, 2017
Please remember in your prayers the repose of the soul of
Mary D’Arcy
who died today, August 2, 2017, at the age of 86.   Mary was a former Maryknoll sister and worked for many years with the Maryknoll Affiliates and Lay Missioners. Mary was the widow of Paul D’Arcy, former Maryknoll priest, Class of 1946.

 Funeral Mass will take place Saturday, 8/5 at the Maryknoll Society Chapel

Condolences to Peter D'Arcy/ 7 Oxford Rd./ Larchmont, NY 10538



Heartfelt Strategies

A short time ago, a family member, Michel, gave me a pack of 100 cards known as Oblique Strategies. Each card has a “worthwhile dilemma” to, excuse the pun, shuffle the mind off in a different direction. He’s writing a book and uses these oblique strategies when writer’s block sets in. Here are four examples:

Gardening, not architecture

Remove the specifics and convert to ambiguities

Not building a wall, but making a brick

Humanize something free of error

Michel gave them to me thinking they could provide an occasional distraction from todays frightening political arena. Today in the space of ten minutes I heard political pundits use the expressions, “soap opera”, “circus train” and “insane asylum” in reference to the present U.S. administration. Who doesn’t need a distraction these days?!

But, distractions have little chance of putting us back on the heart journey we’ve been called to. Thankfully, in recent days a few Affiliates copied me on their responses to Rosa Beatriz, the lead person on the Guatemalan Conference Committee planning for MAC 2017, who had the inspiration to arbitrarily choose a few registrants and ask them to respond to two of three questions posed. Below are parts of three different responses to one of those questions:

In what ways would I like to see the theme “Buen Vivir” (Living in Harmony with All) become part of the commitment of the Affiliate Movement?


…Whole-hearted, transformative strategies that help bring us back to what can bring peace and harmony in our world.  Proud to be a Maryknoll Affiliate.

Developing Global Consciousness

One of the Quick Links (blue box) sections on the home page of the website <> is entitled "Developing Global Consciousness".  Most of the content for this section over the last year or so has come to us thanks to Sr. Theresa Baldini of the Maryknoll Sister Contemplative Community.  As the section implies, these readings are substantive and reflective.  If you open this section now, you'll see Sr. Helene O'Sullivan MM's précis for Chapters 4 & 5 of Diarmuid O'Murchu's insightful new book, Religious Life in the 21st Century - The Prospect for Refounding.  For those of you who have read any of O"Murchu's books, you'll know that, while his focus is religious life, so much in the book extends beyond religious life and has application for all of us.  To check out this section, go to:

Below is an excerpt from the 1st paragraph of this section.

Chapter 4. Parable and Paradigm in the History of Religious Life

We now move into the story of Religious Life as we have known it for almost two thousand years. Most history books tend to prioritize those who advanced the church’s progress and defended it against heresy and attack, namely, outstanding patriarchal males. Women in general and vowed women specifically were not meant to be visible in the church’s agenda of power and control and therefore for most of Christian history (down to the 19th century) women were officially “silenced” by monastic enclosure. The historical texts rarely, if ever, acknowledge that throughout Christendom women Religious made significant, even major, contributions. This grave injustice needs to be addressed and rectified.

MAC 2017 - Full To Capacity

We are no longer accepting new registrations for MAC 2017 in Guatemala!  

Registrations have now reached full capacity for the venue - Casa de Retiros Verbo Encarnado.  In many ways this is good news.  However, unfortunately it also means that if you were thinking of attending but haven't yet registered, that window has closed.  

There is a waiting list (3 so far) in the event that someone previously registered is no longer able to attend and withdraws.


Thank you.




July 10, 2017

An MAC update and a reflective passage:


Virtual Chapters - new opportunity

Right now there is one Maryknoll Affiliate Virtual Chapter. * The members of that Chapter held there second “meeting” last Wednesday. As there is no geographic location for the chapter, as yet it remains nameless.

The decision to move forward with a virtual chapter surfaced over a year ago in a Board meeting with the realization that many who had been inquiring about becoming Affiliates lived too far from an existing chapter to join. Additionally, several Affiliates who moved away from their original chapter and hoped to join another, also found themselves geographically distant from any current chapter.

So, the first virtual chapter was born. There are 5 members who “gather” via conference call. There is some thought to also including a video connection like Zoon, Skype, etc. in the future. Those members are from Colorado, Minnesota, upstate NY, Connecticut and, aren’t we lucky, Sr. Ellen McDonald MM, co-founder of the Affiliate movement. For now, they have decided to meet quarterly. Minus seeing each other’s faces or sharing potluck delights, the first two virtual sessions appear to mirror the spirit and shared solidarity of local chapters. Very encouraging.

 If you reading this have moved away from your previous chapter, or know someone who might be interested in joining a virtual chapter, contact Bob Short:

* There is also a pilot Contemplative Virtual Chapter in its initial stages of development.

Where Will We Be in 5 Years (or less)?

The 5th Consensus Action Statement (CAS) from the most recent Affiliate Board meeting poses the questions:

1) Where do we want Maryknoll Affiliates to be in 5 years?  2) What are 1-3 actions steps to get us there? While Board chair Dave Schaffner presented these two questions to Board members, they are critical question extended to all of us as Affiliates.  Given the geographic expanse, life experience and 1000's of years of commitment to mission among us, how might each of us (you) respond to these questions.  Any insights (broad or particularly focused) in this regard would be very welcome.

If you would like to respond, please email Bob Short at:

Thank you much.

San Diego Chapter - June 2017

In the first two sentences of her book, Becoming Wise - An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living, Krista Tippett, the host of the public radio program, On Being, writes: "I'm a person who listens for a living.  I listen for wisdom, and beauty, and for voices not shouting to be heard."

On Sunday, June 11th I had the chance to meet with 16 members of the San Diego Chapter, who gathered in the rectory of Saint Mary Magdalen Parish in the Mission Hill section of that city. Hugh Menton, Regional Coordinator for the California Region, drove all the way from Long Beach to also be at the meeting.  Hugh's wife Jean wasn't able to make it that Sunday. 

Like many if not all Affiliate Chapters, there was a felt sense of welcome, of engaging reflection, of meaningful conversation, of humor, of kindness and of being at home.  There were no 'voices shouting to be heard' - where there is genuine community, no one had to shout.  During this moment in history when many feel our country's deepest values are in free fall, we were all very grateful for this time and space when 'people of the pillars' (Spirituality, Community, Global Vision & Action) could come together. Besides that, the members spoke of really good brownies at the pot luck gathering to follow... speaking here of only legitimate culinary ingredients.

It struck me once again while in San Diego that Maryknollers are people on the margins trying very hard and with a great deal of integrity to speak a word of life, of Life.

MAC 2017 June 11th - Update

As of June 9th...

If you haven't already done so, please consider this very special opportunity to travel to Guatemala and meet with Affiliates and other Maryknollers from around the world.

Sister Mary Lou Andrews

Prayers for Sr. Mary Lou

Board member Ginny McEvoy wrote to ask if we were aware that Sr. Mary Lou Andrews' prayer ministry was to pray for the Affiliates and Full Circle... "Sister has been very faithful about remembering our intentions, unfortunately she is in the hospital now and will be moving into hospice when she comes home from the hospital... please ask the groups to remember her in prayer as she moves into her final mission... "
Thank you
Consensus Action Statements (CAS) - Board Meeting - May 2017

The 5 Consensus Action Statements below are from the recent Affiliate Board meeting - May 5-7, 2017


CAS #1.   On the June Regional Coordinator phone call, the RCs will deliberate and suggest a framework for the selection of RCs and will decide whether RCs should have set terms.  The Board will take their input and develop the framework at the next Board meeting.

CAS #2.   Everyone who is an Affiliate or is in contact with an Affiliate chapter will receive both the digital version of Not So Far Afield & the Monday Morning Update email.  The process of merging the two databases will be worked on by Mary Ryan Hotchkiss, Ginny McEvoy, and Bob Short.

CAS #3.  The Board approves the Roles and Responsibilities documents for the Chapter Coordinator/Contact Person, Nominating Committee, and Finance Committee as amended.

CAS #4.  The revised draft of the Board Member Manual of 2017 will be reviewed by 3 board members who will submit their comments and suggestions by July 1, 2017.  Dave Schaffner and Bob Short will incorporate suggestions and possible new materials and finalize the revised Board Member Manual.

CAS #5.  All board members will respond to Dave Schaffner by email by July 1 to the questions:  1) where do we want Maryknoll Affiliates to be in 5 years?  2) what are 1-3 actions steps to get us there?

Fred & Jet.... ISIS in Mindanao

You might have heard from recent news stories that ISIS-connected local insurgents in the southern Philippines attached Catholic/Christian Churches in Mindanao.

Columban Missionary F. Paul Glynn wrote the following:

"I feel the profound heartbreak of knowing that St. Mary's Cathedral, Marawi has been burned by ISIS-inspired terrorists.  The Vicar General of Marawi, Fr. Chito Suganob and other Catholics were abducted during the last Novena Mass yesterday afternoon.  A picture of them, still alive, was posted on Facebook this morning by the captives.  Nearby Dansalan College United Church of Christ was also burned and Christian staff taken as captives.  We are praying that the abductors will not kill any of them."

As many of you know, Fred, former Affiliate Executive Coordinator, and his wife Jet (along with former Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Chris Vertucci) have been doing mission work in the area of Mindanao for many years.  We believe they are safe, in a part of Mindanao fairly distant from where these frightening events took place.  Please send your thought and prayers to Jet, Chris, Fred and the people of the Philippines.


Exploring Our Call in Caring for Creation - Affiliates Invited

Affiliates are invited along with others to join in Maryknoll's interactive Advanced Formation Seminar using the lens of global solidarity to explore the intersection of ecology, migration and global economic justice through the pastoral circle and Theory U.  It will take place over 5 day August 7 - 11th in Los Altos, CA. 

For more information or to register go to:


Where Will We Be in 5 Years (or less)?

A key question scheduled for the recent conference call between Board and Regional Coordinator members was: "Where do you want the Maryknoll Affiliates to be in five years?"  Board Chair Dave Schaffner suggested that to that questions we attach a second one: "Where do you think we will be in 5 years?"  They are critical questions for all of us to consider. Hopefully many Affiliate Chapters will take up the question as well.

Agnes Walsh in Thailand

Agnes Walsh of the Long Island Chapter recently wrote to say that their Chapter will be addressing those two questions in their upcoming meeting on June 11th.  In her email, Agnes added, "When I read in 'Focusing-Spring 2017 '( A Publication of The Sisters of St. Joseph,Brentwood, New York, Dreaming a Grace Poem by Marlene Marburg,I though that this might be a way to spark a conversation about the above two questions. I wanted to share this idea with you as a possible way for other chapters to use for reflection and sharing."

This creative approach adds a new and expansive way of addressing those questions.  To see that Dreaming a Grace Poem that Agnes referenced, go to:

Thank you Agnes.