Chapter Spotlight: Chicago Central

  • Sending Ceremony for MK Seminarians

    The Chicago Central Chapter is the melding of 3 chapters that trace their roots to 1993 when the Affiliate movement was just beginning. They were lucky enough to be located at the epicenter of the movement as Fr. Jim Madden was assigned to the Chicago House when he and Sr. Ellen McDonald MM launched the Affiliates.
  • Chapter Spotlight Chicago Central

    Photo - Chapter contact person Celine Woznica in a non-violence March - Lima, Peru. Members of the Chapter include former Maryknollers (Society, Congregation and MKLM) current Maryknollers and lay people who believe in the Maryknoll charism. "Even without regularly referencing the 4 Affiliate pillars, we recognize that we are living them in their Chapter community without planning to do so."
  • Annual Chapter Thanksgiving dinner

    "As an Affiliate community, we support each other in mission - be it global or local. One of our most beloved traditions is the annual Maryknoll Thanksgiving Dinner with Chinese students studying in the area through the Maryknoll China Project. Organized by the Affiliates and hosted by the Society, the gathering is a wonderful celebration of the Maryknoll vision of global and local community and really, really good food."
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The Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter, sometimes referred to as a small mission community, is the organizing center of the Affiliate movement and is the primary support for individual Maryknoll Affiliates. There are over 50 Affiliate Chapters throughout the world varying in number from just 5 members to well over 40. On average, a Chapter meets 10 times a year. Each meeting includes reflection, discussion of a mission related theme (often following a presentation or video) and sharing a meal together. Many Chapters also commit themselves to a particular local or global action – such as working with the homeless, supporting Maryknoll’s education programs, peace and justice involvements, immersion trips overseas. While all Chapters are guided by the Affiliate Pillars of community, spirituality, global vision and action, each has its own identity and character.

The map on this page provides a glimpse of the geographic locations and the Chapter Spotlight highlights a particular Chapter for a given time period.

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