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  • Chapter Spotlight Houston

    Robert Guice, contact person for the Houston Affiliates, describes their Chapter as "actively pursuing and supporting short term mission." Above is a great photo of the active members of the group from 2006. Several have since left to become MK Lay Missioners in Africa and Thailand. Another left to build a church in rural Africa. Two got married and moved, and one, Is Moritis has since passed away.
  • Chapter Spotlight Houston

    The next two photos, taken in the fall of 2014, show Chapter members involved in building/remodeling houses in Eagle Pass, TX on the border of Mexico. In the photo above, Chapter members take a break after a re-roofing for the homeowner. Although they have busy lives, Chapter members enjoy coming to Affiliate gatherings to share community and conviction with like-minded folks who are pursuing peace and justice.
  • Chapter Spotlight Houston

    Above, more Chapter members get involved in building another house. This very active Chapter has also supported the Casa Juan Diego Houston Catholic Worker (CJD) House by working in the garden or even stepping in to live at CJD while the Director was in the hospital and recovering from an operation.
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The Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter, sometimes referred to as a small mission community, is the organizing center of the Affiliate movement and is the primary support for individual Maryknoll Affiliates. There are over 50 Affiliate Chapters throughout the world varying in number from just 5 members to well over 40. On average, a Chapter meets 10 times a year. Each meeting includes reflection, discussion of a mission related theme (often following a presentation or video) and sharing a meal together. Many Chapters also commit themselves to a particular local or global action – such as working with the homeless, supporting Maryknoll’s education programs, peace and justice involvements, immersion trips overseas. While all Chapters are guided by the Affiliate Pillars of community, spirituality, global vision and action, each has its own identity and character.

The map on this page provides a glimpse of the geographic locations and the Chapter Spotlight highlights a particular Chapter for a given time period.

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