Chapter is the name used to identify the local Affiliate community and provides the primary place of support for the individual Affiliate. Each Chapter (sometimes called “a mission community” is part of a larger regional structure.

For example, San Diego and East Bay Chapters are part of the California Region; Boston and Long Island Chapters are part of the Northeast Region; Arequipa Centro and Sembradores de Amor Chapters are part of the Peru Region. Each Region has a Regional Coordinator and each Chapter has a contact person. The typical Chapter averages 12 members (with a range from 5 – 45) and meets about 10 times yearly (with a range from 4 – 20).

The four pillars of spirituality, community, global vision and action guide the Chapters and the components of reflection, prayer, camaraderie and action are a regular part of Chapter life. Nevertheless, each Chapter has its unique style and emphasis. Some lean more towards reflection and support while others frequently involve themselves in action initiatives. Many Chapters have supported one or more of its members to go on an immersion trip to Latin America, Asia or Africa. Good food is just about a part of all Chapter gatherings.